Thursday, May 27, 2021

Diagnosis Murder

Anybody care to guess what this week’s progressive talking point is? The Truth About Guns recaps:

psaki guns

That’s right: Guns kill, ergo more guns kill more people as the Jr. Senator from Connecticut explains to us blockheads.

murphy gun control

Nope, not a coincidence: they’ll tell us when something is a coincidence. And since this is NOT a coincidence,  it must be SCIENCE!

See how simple that is?  Or how simple it would be if mini-Marxist Hogg hadn’t confused the issue with a countervailing progressive doctrine:

david hogg guns3

I think it’s about fear. I think it’s about the fact that as a country, oftentimes we would rather turn on each other and point to someone’s skin color, or point to someone’s immigration status, or their gender, or their sexual identity and claim that’s the threat, when in reality, we should all be working together against the sources of evil that are creating this gun violence and the injustice that promotes this gun violence and gun purchases in the first place.

Boy, he can be a loose canon. They’ll have to be more circumspect about using such a thoroughly propagandized deep thinker to advance their cause du jour. Such iconoclasts can’t be relied on to stick to the message-of-the-day. That’s what happened yesterday to Alisyn when Little David just couldn’t resist showing off his command of party precepts by contending that gun sales are a symptom of the patriarchy, toxic masculinity and white privilege.

Oh well, at least he didn’t contend that the current murder spree had anything what-so-ever to do with letting criminals go free without bail, defunding police and criminally prosecuting law enforcement for doing their job. Which leaves the conclusion self-evident to progressives: more gun sales equals more crime. ergo we must have greater control over gun sales. They can’t even wrap their brains around the fact that it is the other way around: more crime leads to more gun sales as people grow alarmed that defunded police forces augmented by more social workers will do nothing but make them more vulnerable to the criminal element which is growing and thriving under the left’s nurturing.


diagnosismurder3diagnosis murder

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