Friday, June 4, 2021

An Occasional Bleak Truth Leaks Out

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Oh I see: now that they’ve fraudulently gotten ridCT of Trump we are now free to roam about the man-made virus theory, allowed to gather and report real data for a change. From Vanity Fair:

The Lab-Leak Theory: Inside the Fight to Uncover COVID-19’s Origins

Throughout 2020, the notion that the novel coronavirus leaked from a lab was off-limits. Those who dared to push for transparency say toxic politics and hidden agendas kept us in the dark.

On February 19, 2020, The Lancet, among the most respected and influential medical journals in the world, published a statement that roundly rejected the lab-leak hypothesis, effectively casting it as a xenophobic cousin to climate change denialism and anti-vaxxism. Signed by 27 scientists, the statement expressed “solidarity with all scientists and health professionals in China” and asserted: “We stand together to strongly condemn conspiracy theories suggesting that COVID-19 does not have a natural origin.”

The Lancet statement effectively ended the debate over COVID-19’s origins before it began. To Gilles Demaneuf, following along from the sidelines, it was as if it had been “nailed to the church doors,” establishing the natural origin theory as orthodoxy. “Everyone had to follow it. Everyone was intimidated. That set the tone.”

Read the whole thing. It will confirm all of your suspicions and explain the noble and ignoble reasons behind  the Big Lie.

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The Epoch Times: Pompeo Confirms Intense Opposition to Wuhan Lab Probe From State Department, Intelligence Bureaucracies confirms the battle to maintain the lie.

Former Secretary of State Mike Pompeo confirmed to The Epoch Times on June 3 that his efforts to get to the bottom of how the CCP virus—also known as the novel coronavirus—spread from China to the United States met with sustained opposition within the U.S. government.

Asked about revelations in a June 3 Vanity Fair report that key officials deep within the State Department sought to keep the public from knowing that U.S. funds had supported gain-of-function research at China’s Wuhan Institute of Virology (WIV), Pompeo described a “contentious battle.

I’m shocked, shocked I tell you.

mccaulyGrab your Fauci-approved shocked face mask


China has insisted since the virus first appeared in late 2019 that it had spread from bats to humans via an open-air meat market in Wuhan. Some government and public health officials, private sector scientists, and investigative journalists, however, have said since early in 2020 that there’s substantial evidence that the virus spread somehow from the WIV.

Then-President Donald Trump and Pompeo, as well as Sen. Tom Cotton (R-Ark.), publicly noted the existence of such evidence in April 2020 and called on Chinese officials to allow independent investigators to access the WIV and its records. China refused to do so.

After the November 2020 election, Pompeo pushed within the State Department and the Trump administration for public release of as much evidence as possible.

According to the  Vanity Fair article it wasn’t until after the January 6, 2021 “insurrection” that the CDC saw fit to give voice to the bat-shit-crazy-wet-market-virus-origin deniers.CT

The State Department team, for its part, believed that Ford was the one trying to impose a preconceived conclusion: that COVID-19 had a natural origin. A week later, one of them attended the meeting where Christopher Park, who worked under Ford, advised those present not to draw attention to U.S. funding of gain-of-function research.

With deep distrust simmering, the State Department team convened a panel of experts to confidentially “red team” the lab-leak hypothesis. The idea was to pummel the theory and see if it still stood. The panel took place on the evening of January 7, one day after the insurrection at the Capitol. By then, Ford had announced his plan to resign.

Good job Vanity Fair, letting some old fashioned journalism sneak into your publication. Why don’t you do “Climate Change” next. Because your left-winged coverage to-date of that crap has been just as bad if not worse (e.g.The Trump Administration Is Just Flat-Out Lying About Climate Change) than your prior coverage of the Chinese Murder Virus.CT But kudos for whatever it is you think you’re doing now.

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