Thursday, September 23, 2021

The Truth Won’t Come Out On Its Own

Well now, that’s curious.

curious alice

In a world that grows curiouser and curiouser by the day, the class paid to be curious grows less curious with each passing year. I remember when every would-be journalist enrolled in J-school aspired to be the next Woodward and Bernstein, investigative journalists par excellence.

the age of the wide tie woodward and bernsteinJust a couple of lucky punk-azz kids in wide ties willing to follow a lead anywhere for fame and fortune

Somewhere around the time of the ascension of Obama the Lightbringer the investigative furor went dormant. Since then the curious class has gone strangely quiet about any subject not pre-approved for investigation. For example, here is a handful of stories that once would have been guaranteed Pulitzer Prize winning material for some hot-shot investigative reporter to pursue in-depth. But oddly, the curious class exhibited no curiosity about any of these things that I find curious.  Not.One.Single.Journalist.

Operation Fast and Furious: The DOJ’s gunrunning scandal

The great “stimulus” heist: in which a trillion dollars was spent without creating one private sector job

Government spying on journalists: several constitutional violations there

IRS scandal: Selective targeting of conservative groups

Benghazi: In a failed attempt to send arms to Syrian rebels, four Americans died because Obama and Clinton refused to send help

Hillary Clinton’s secret server:  a secret email and a home-bathroom-based server used for top secret email, good idea?

Sgt. Bowe Bergdahl: why did Obama trade 5 high-level terrorists for one traitor?

Solyndra: “crony capitalism” writ large and “green” energy exposed as fraud

The “Wiretap” of Trump’s offices: not even mildly interested, the media simply pretended Trump was lying. Side note: spying on the opposition is exactly the story on which the investigative journalism cult of Woodward and Bernstein was based. Also the story that ultimately brought down a sitting president.

Russian Interference in the 2016 Election: the media’s only interest was in proving it was true. Spoiler alert: it wasn’t, but it took 5 years for that to slip out.

The Ukraine story: the non-scandal request Trump made of the Ukrainian President to launch an investigation of an actual scandal involving Biden and his son Hunter. Used as the basis to impeach Trump after the Russian Collusion story didn’t pan out, nobody was interested in pursuing if this contained more veracity. Odd.

Hunter’s Laptop: Why would this be a thing? Just because he’s a Presidential nominee’s President’s son?

Wuhan Flu origin: let’s just take the Chinese’s word for it, it was a naturally occurring bat-virus outbreak, OK? Case closed. Or is it?

chineses defector wuhan

Then of course there is that little issue of a stolen election. The media has fact checked all allegations of election fraud and found them to be bogus. “Debunked” is the term they like to use when they’ve decided it’s time to shut down further discussion. At that point any non-approved position on said topic will be banned on social media and violators will be deplatformed if they don’t comply. Because that’s the way “journalists” like to apply the First amendment these days.

Nor has any member of the curious class at anytime appeared the least bit curious about how a man who is clearly in some stage of dementia - who alternately yells and whispers inappropriately and is incapable of taking questions off the cuff - got elected in the first place.

So naturally when the infamous J/6 “Insurrection” took place it was just assumed to be Trump’s fault. Not one whit of curiosity regarding who actually might have engineered it and to what purpose.

Jake1-1024x640Hint: It wasn’t Jake, from State Farm

To this day there is no curiosity of non-approved topics in the Fourth Estate. For example, they don’t wonder, as we do, what happened to approximately 10,000 invaders from south of our border who were there last week and now are gone.

All of these “issues” just fall down the memory hole and we are sent packing. Or Psaking, as the case may be.

jen psaki pngOn why “migrants” don’t need to be tested/vaccinated for COVID: “It’s not the same thing, they’re not intending to stay here for a lengthy period of time”

It’s quite a rabbit hole we’ve got here, and the truth won’t be coming out on its own. Too bad we no longer have a curious class willing to go in after it.

rabbit hole