Thursday, November 18, 2021

Democrats Can’t Meme – Or Can They?

I once looked forward to Throwback Thursdays. But lately for some odd reason all that comes to mind in the “throwback” department are thoughts of Jimmy Carter’s 70s: when Iran was calling the shots and threatening Americans with extinction, gas lines were interminable and hyperinflation a fact of life. You know, the good old days before we even had electric cars so it was harder to pretend we didn’t need fossil fuels at all (h/t Jennifer Granholm). Although in the spirit of TT you may recall that Jimmy did his best, in his Crisis of Confidence Speech, to convince us we could if we all just put on a sweater and turned the thermostat down.

Yes the 70s were pretty much a disaster, economy wise. Not to mention the fashion! A nightmare unto itself what with all the skinny tops, fat bottoms,

70s bad fashion

huge collars, collars.70s jpg

ascots, ruffles, ponchos, tartans, men’s short-shorts, striped tube socks, jumpsuits, etc., etc.. I’m not claiming current fashion trends are any better mind you, just a different sort of awful.

modern fashion

But once is quite enough for most past mistakes. I don’t care who you are.

rod stewart 70s

Although Jerry Ford had a killer campaign slogan that Biden could use now:


But honestly, if Biden wants to switch up his Build Back Better slogan (BBB) – which he should because it’s silly and just calls to mind archaic Better Business Bureau -   I think he should recycle one from his previous administration. Obama’s  honest to goodness real, albeit short-lived, slogan of “Win The Future” – proof that Democrats can’t meme. Or can they? 

omg wtfMaybe Accidentally