Monday, December 27, 2021

Monday, Snowy Monday

It’s Monday; I have to keep reminding myself because my internal calendar is totally whacked. It’s still dark out so I don’t know how much but I do know it snowed overnight as I heard the snowplows go through starting at 4:30. So far they’ve done 4 passes, 2 on each side of the street, so I’m guessing a respectable amount.  

Emma Haworth (British) Swan LakeEmma Haworth, Swan Lake

The sun is expected shortly after dawn, before the next storm comes through later this afternoon.

Gustaf Fjaestad - Snow Covered Road with Fence, 1930.Gustaf Fjaestad, Snow Covered Road With Fence

And wouldn’t you know it, now that Christmas is over along comes this perfect gift: it can speak for you when verbalizing may be inappropriate.

seriously who doesn't need some of these finger pins

I hope the creator patented this design, because clearly it’s worth a fortune. I don’t know a soul who couldn’t use one…or more. Although gifting them could prove tricky as I can see how they might inadvertently send the wrong message to the recipient. So maybe it would be best just to gift them to yourself and wear them whenever you are likely to be entering an enemy camp – which these days is everywhere.

Alternate lapel pin, for those who wish to be a bit more direct: