Saturday, February 19, 2022

Cattiest of the Caturday Posts

I tuned into Tucker to get his take on Castrudeau’s imposition of martial law in Canada and his declaration that “all of your monies belong to me.” He did cover that eventually but his opening segment was devoted to a new book about Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez written by editors of New York magazine. It’s called – and I’m not making this up - Take Up Space. I’m beginning to think that the Left really does not understand irony.

take up space aoc new York mag book

As you are not likely to purchase this charming little Valentine of a book yourself I’m dedicating my post today to Tucker’s take on the book length love letter to the arguably silliest member of Congress since Al Franken.

The closed captions aren’t working on YouTube; you can find them on the Fox News site but you’ll have to endure their ads.

It is news entertainment at its eviscerating best. The segment runs a clip of Sandy doing a Instagram post of herself demonstrating how she applies eyeshadow and lipstick (“I start small and work my way out”) while her running commentary reflects on how “it’s so hard to be taken seriously.” Again, the irony thing.

Here are just a couple of tease quotes from the book: 

That comment must have been inspired by her Instagram in which she takes questions from fans constituents while assembling an Ikea table for her new Washington D.C. condo.

aoc ikea tableRound hole, square peg, or vice versa

ot to be outdone by New York, the New Yorker did their own suck-up profile of little AOC in her first 3 years (it sure seems longer) in Congress.

aoc new yorker

“Honestly, it is a shit show,” she said. “It’s scandalizing, every single day. What is surprising to me is how it never stops being scandalizing”…said AOC without so much as a smidgen of irony, let alone self-awareness.

As Jeb Pleb posted on the YouTube video, “Don't feel too bad. I’m Canadian. Our AOC is prime minister.” Dead right: two would-be showgirls who landed on national stage long before they were ready for any sort of ‘prime’ time.

And that concludes perhaps my cattiest Caturday post.