Saturday, February 5, 2022

Goose-Stepping Our Way To Freedom, Comrades! Fall In.

I could comment on how China didn’t let either a global pandemic or a muted global concern over their human rights violations stop them from throwing a really big party to celebrate the opening of the Olympic games. It wasn’t as creepy as their 2008 Summer Olympics opening, which showcased 5000 identical drummers drumming in unison…

5000 drummers drumming

They chose a much less threatening theme this time around: snowflakes,

snowflakes 22

and hearts…

snowflake heart Ironic, no?

It was touching; cute kids singing John Lennon’s “Imagine” – in what passed for English – and the IOC President urging everyone to just “give peace a chance” – also in what passed for English - but fell on deaf ears in the heart of the CCP assembly.

Or I might choose to focus on how it is now simply assumed that the Chinese will deploy surveillance and malicious software on anyone stupid enough to actually use their personal phone or computer while in China. It is so taken for granted in fact that the U.S. Olympic Committee felt it necessary to warn athletes that “every device, communication, transaction and online activity may be monitored” and advised U.S. athletes to use only burner phones while in Beijing. Oh well, it’s just another bug from China that could be deployed in order to shutdown international commerce. It’s probably nothing.

But I’m not that interested in any of that. I’d rather discuss Olympic fashion.

Team U.S.A wore Ralph Lauren designed red white and blue anoraks and parkas which - although they reportedly contain some super-secret warming technology – are decidedly traditional.


I couldn’t help but note that the more avant-garde nations all sported more butt covering renditions of the standard ski slope styled parka. Take, for example, Team Iran

team iran

Team Russia (aka Team Russian Olympic Committee)

russian olympic committee

Team China

red china

Even Team Finland, whose hats I personally love but can’t find a close up of.


But the hands-down fashion winners in last night’s contest was Team Canada. Their Lululemon designed opening ceremony outfits consisted of knee length puffers with matching vests and some sort of neck gear that could be deployed either as a scarf or an inflatable floating device.

caNada eh

I don’t know who’s really in charge up there in Canada, but you guys just keeping kicking butt, eh?

Canada’s Olympic opening ceremony uniforms by Lululemon, including transformable puffers

While the rest of the world appears quite happy to march in goose-step with Red China.

goose stepping soldiers chinese flagChinese soldiers goose-step the Red Chinese flag to be hoisted at last night’s ceremonies.


NOTE: There is no cat in this post. Really. Don’t waste anymore of your precious time.