Tuesday, February 22, 2022


Did you know that this year February has 10 palindrome dates? Beginning with Groundhog Day - 2/2/22 – and ending with the last day of the month - 2/28/22. Some people however are more impressed with what they call the “222 days” than the palindromes.

The month kicked off with a New Moon in Aquarius ushering in the energy of new beginnings and change, and just one day later, we got to experience what some called the first of the last three 222 days of the century, which occur on February 2, 2022, February 20, 2022 and February 22, 2022.

Here we are: the last of the “222 dates” of the century! As an added bonus it also happens to be a palindrome. Clearly two-day is the best of this month’s numeric offerings.


Don’t waste it. What a great date for a wedding! Or an invasion…whatever.

Regardless of how you feel about today’s numeric offering let’s face it: it is still the dead of winter. Turning one’s face to the sun is not that easy

face to sun flowers

when the sun remains in hiding much of the time.

winter window

But still: it is Taco 2’s-day!


Not only that, it’s just so happens that it’s also National Margarita Day!

margarita day

Tell me that’s not kismet.