Monday, February 28, 2022

Make Coffee Not War

I didn’t think it possible to grow more jaded. Sometimes I underestimate myself. But perhaps you understand. What with all the corrupt media,

catturd media corrupt

the war mongers (both foreign and domestic),

war mongers

and all the other miscellaneous liars and hypocrites perforating the peace I find that my capacity for being jaded has not yet maxed out. Unfortunately.

burned out and jaded

Being jaded is like being burned out…only with more cynicism: two things I do not need more of at my age. Plus weariness is catching and cynicism spreads as fast as the latest WuFlu variant. So…

chemex coffee

Full steam ahead! When I can no longer rely on coffee to facilitate an attitude adjustment I might just be dead.make coffee not war

Today I pledge that I will not let the idiots and the bastards beating the drums of war drum all the good out of life. Besides, it’s Mutt day -

mutt day dog waiting for coffee to kick in

and there are more important things to focus on.