Wednesday, March 22, 2023

A Feather Day Morality Play in One Act



In an old abandoned ruin of a hotel, there once lived a flock of birds who had forgotten how to fly.They hopped here and there, eking out a living.

One day out of a broken skylight in the hotel in swooped a huge eagle.
He saw these birds hopping about and said, ” Hey, you are birds. You are supposed to fly. Come, I will teach you”.

And so he taught the birds to fly again.The birds soon soared and swiveled in the atrium of the hotel shrieking with joy.

They were so happy. They had found their true nature.

And so it went for many seasons.

Until one day, the eagle lay his massive body down and died.

The birds were all very sad. They spoke amongst themselves:

What a great eagle he was!
How much he taught us!
How beautiful he was!
How wise he was!
We must never forget him or his words of wisdom.

And so the birds set about writing down all that the eagle had said in a big golden book so they would never forget his wisdom.

And they built a beautiful statue of him so they never forget how magnificent he was.
And they built a temple around the statue so that it would be there forever.
Everyday, they brought flowers to the temple.
They placed fruit at the foot of the statue.
They recited his every word.
Every morning and evening.
They were pleased with their efforts.

And slowly but very surely
They forgot how to fly.

“Remember, they’re not coming after me, they’re coming after you.”