Saturday, December 9, 2023

Let’s Get This Party Started!


Thank you to all the MOTI for our care package which arrived from the world famous Katz’s Delicatessen in NYC. I can report that at least one thing in that city still works right.

It arrived frozen on Thursday and we thawed it out slowly for tonight’s feast: Raj’s birthday party! There’s a most excellent chicken noodle soup with fine needle noodles that have the most elegant texture for chicken soup ever.  Then there are 2 packs of pastrami: 1 ‘juicy’ (I think that’s for me) and 1 lean, for the recovering Raj. Since he’s been good and not wined about any of the low fat (but delicious) offerings that either my sister or I’ve served him since he came home he’s earned a lean Pastrami sandwich with low fat Swiss cheese. Mind you Katz’s has the best pastrami in the world. So it’s worth blowing a week’s worth of fat allocation on such a glorious birthday dinner. And as I told Zephyr, the mugs will provide the props for my reenactment of Meg Ryan’s infamous deli orgy. Dinner AND entertainment.

Oh, and Katz’s rye bread is unbeatable, except for my brothers homemade. I’ve already had it as toast for breakfast with jam but there’s no doubt that its true calling is to hold the hanging chards of the mighty fine pastrami sandwich together so you don’t get your hands too greasy. 

Of course, there will be no dessert following this over-the-top feast but I promised to make Raj his now mandatory pear gingerbread upside down birthday cake tomorrow.

Last year’s rendering:

jo's upside down pear gingerbread.2jpg

No, it’s not low fat but it IS his birthday (season)! So if we make it through the pastrami without incident he gets his cake – just no whipped cream this year. We will luxuriate in deli-deliciousness tonight and thank you all for  your very kind gift of juicy lusciousness which will be enjoyed for as long as it lasts and remembered fondly for long after that. Thank you, thank you, thank you from the bottoms of our hearts. The MOTI are indeed mighty.

So what do you say: let’s get this season’s party started!

Small Child In Winter Clothing With Bobble Hat And His Arms Full Of Toys (Balloon With Toy Soldier And Christmas Tree-Also Lots Of Wrapped Gift Parcels)-He Is Walking Along The Pavement With Houses In The Background 5Th December 1934

Child found at random on the internet, circa 1920s, clearly ready to celebrate

It never gets old for the little tykes.