Monday, April 8, 2024

Here Comes The Sun

Finally, the 2024 eclipse will arrive today after much hype. We’re not in the path of totality but will experience a 99% event.


That 1%, local forecasters remind us, makes a huge difference and is literally the difference between night and day. Light cloud cover during the height of the eclipse is expected around here and may obscure the event anyway. I know many people around here will be contributing to the expected traffic jams headed towards totality – a one to two hour trip depending on where you’re headed, and hope they find clear skies and good viewing for this celestial event.

And now a brief health update. The good news is that the current round of MRIs and scans showed nothing new happening. The original brain tumor has left me with permanent balance and coordination problems so a walker is my constant companion. I’m hopeful further physical therapy can help in that department. I’m currently on a bit of a hold in that department as my anemia, which had climbed into the lowest range of normal, has slid back into a significant deficit and the fatigue is truly unimaginable. I’m currently beyond the sloth stage and well into the slug cycle. I find it’s nothing I can power through any longer. Poor Raj continues to be responsible for everything from meals to laundry and everything in between. So I’m back on daily iron supplementation (and all the attendant problems related to THAT).  I’m hoping to have enough energy soon to return to PT and develop some strength before something else goes amiss.

All things considered though I’m doing as well as possible and I thank God and all of your ceaseless prayers for that, a more devoted group of prayer warriors a person couldn’t possibly hope for. Despite it all my blessings are many and my sincerest thanks to all for that.

So let’s get out there…here comes the sun.