Tuesday, July 21, 2009

I Don’t Want To Hear Any More About the MOB in the White House. OK?

Yeah, Mo got a haircut. Don’t most women do that a couple of times a year? The way the MSM is carrying on you’d think she had a whole head transplant.

I should have remembered from the Bill and Hill years that this was, like, really, really big news. At least as important as the government taking over another 15% of the economy in the form of nationalized health care. But no, not even the prime time presser could shift all of the attention away from MO’s new do.

OK, I probably made her look a little too “Jackie” to be ignored entirely, but that was the look she was going for –sans the pill box. But to hear the MSM carry on! "All her own,” “fashion fresh,” “modern.” Look people, it’s a bob. Women have been wearing bobs since the roaring twenties, so can we at least get past that whole “fashion forward” thing?

I might sound a little cranky and ungrateful for all the fine press reviews. It’s just that I’ve been working really, really hard on making her look softer around the eyes, and not quite so, so…well, angry. And no one seems to appreciate what I’ve been able to do! Here, you judge for yourself:

sarkozyobama 57951447 Is that a miracle or what? Most women would need 6 rounds of Botox to pull that off, but MO needs nothing but little old me. But do we hear anything about how she looks younger, less scowly and waaay less angry?

Oh no, everyone’s too polite to mention that. All we hear is about the new haircut. They’re calling it the MOB: Michelle Obama Bob.

Do you really think it wise to slap that moniker on anything associated with the First Family?