Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Shopping the Appian Way

I can’t tell you how exciting it is to be a part of the Obama team. Ever since BO took office, I’ve been a part of Team Obama Entourage. I don’t flatter myself that it’s just because of my awesome powers of trans-imaging, although that’s why MO wants me aboard Air Force One every time she embarks.

No, I know that if it weren’t for the fact that BO has established a very special bond with TOTUS and needs to provide for his safe transit everywhere he goes, I would be left behind at the White House just like I always used to be.

But since they already have special luggage cases designed to transport delicate imaging equipment (TOTUS and I call them “RV’s”), I get to go along for the ride too.

Obviously there are a few glitches to be worked out. MO isn’t used to having me around while she’s on the road, so we’ve had a few slip ups. Like that little confusion about the purses last week while we were in Moscow: Drudge linked to a story at the stupid Daily Mirror about Madam O carrying a $6000 VBH designer handbag.

Silly me. I forgot to turn off my trans-imaging projector, and we even fooled the bag's creator! It really wasn’t their $6000 black lizard version. It was just the $900 black patent model! Wow, I’m beginning to feel the power.

Anyway, we had a similar slip up when we went shoe shopping in Rome. This one wasn’t really my fault though. MO really has to try to remember that even if I make her feet look like a size 8 slim, she really wears a size 13 wide.

Maybe from now on she’ll stop arguing with the shoe clerks and just try the damn things on.