Thursday, August 20, 2009

The Patient Needs Better Universal Coverage

Maybe we should’ve done a little polling or at least a few focus groups before we decided to try short shorts at the Big Dig.

Everybody has been yakking about it since last Saturday: Chicago Trib, InStyleHuffPo (of course).

Most come down on the side of MO having every right to bare her “glamorous gams” (thanks,InStyle). I think I will have to take credit for those comments. They undoubtedly saw her when I was refracting her svelte image, using all of my battery back-ups.

The snarky little bitches who said things like “makes her look like a Coleman tent in heat” - what ever that’s supposed to mean - and “big ass, huge thighs, no shorts. Period."  must have been standing at some weird angle where my trans-imaging system didn’t project. We’re still working on that universal coverage issue, please be patient.

michelle and Bo