Friday, October 9, 2009

Michelle! My Nobel!!!

Can you believe it! What a week. First my Creators, and now, your Savior! o savior Yes you heard correctly. Big Guy won the Nobel Peace Prize.

After last week’s bitter disappointment over the Olympics, this  renews our HOPE. I take back everything I said about the Scandinavians, including those hateful things about their stinky dead fish.

But back to BO’s big, big prize. Everyone around here is simply stunned. No one really expected this for another 3 years. But if you’ve followed Big Guy’s life, it’s always been this way for him. Whatever he wished for, shazam! it was his. Harvard Law degree? Shazam! US Senate seat? Shazam! Presidency?  You get the idea. Lucky. Charmed.

Don’t take this the wrong way: it’s not as if BO (and MO) didn’t work hard for this prize. Remember that  European Apology tour? mo carla1 o european 2

It was grueling. But even the Royals thought they’d have to actually accomplish something before winning the medal. Politics turns out to be a lot more like Community Organizing than we thought.

So we join a very elite club of US Presidents who have won the Nobel Peace Prize: Teddy Roosevelt for negotiating the end of the Russian-Japanese war, Woodrow Wilson for negotiating the Treaty of Versailles and Jimmy Carter for…what was that again? Oh right. Peace in the Middle East. I guess that’s what Big Guy won his for too.

Remember just last week when I told you there would be many more oysters? Well, add to my many high-tech capabilities the more cerebral power of prescience. I also forecast another big date night. Maybe Paris is in the cards after all. And I think Ahmadinajad might be joining the O’s for the celebration.