Sunday, October 4, 2009

Blue Duck Down

So, it wasn’t quite Paris. But the Blue Duck on  24 and M Street is nice too. And given the mood of the Royals last night (which I think you can read from their faces), the name of the restaurant was quite appropriate.

Here we are trying to look like we’re having fun. After all, we won - the election anyway. We’ve agreed not to bring up that Olympic thing again. We’re on to happier days.

mobo aniver   mobo aniv3

The first sign you see when you enter the restaurant is a quote from Thomas Jefferson which reads “Taste cannot be controlled by law.” Tell me about it.

And before you get started on the black halter sack dress, let me just show you a few that we rejected – so you can be grateful for the selection we ultimately went with.


At least the jewelry was understated. I really thing Carla is starting to have a positive impact, don’t you?

And we had a lovely dinner: a little fois gras, some roasted Maine Scallops with cauliflower and almonds & brown butter, oven roasted bone with paprika crust and country bread, sliced veal with white tuna sauce and roasted organic chicken with buttermilk and herbs.

Everything was delish, but I think the O’s  especially enjoyed gnawing on the oven roasted bones. Such a soul satisfying dish after a long week.