Saturday, October 3, 2009

Black Tie and Caviar Date Night

There is still a lot of dog kicking going on around here today, but things are starting to look up a bit. After all, it is the Royal’s big 17th wedding anniversary today!

ObamaWeddingPartyAnd have we ever come a long way baby! Sure, things got a little rocky a few years back, but MO and Bo worked through it in order to do the good work for the American people; just like Bill and Hill did. You’ve got to admire their selflessness. And sacrifice.

There is some disappointment that we couldn’t still be enjoying the thrill of an Olympic victory as we rolled into the biggest “date night” of the year. But we’re all adults, and we can deal with disappointments. And that fracture line along my lower left quadrant - that I suffered when I clumsily got in the way of Lady M’s heirloom vase which was inexplicably flying across the room - can probably be buffed out.

But as I was saying, we are not, repeat, not going to let something as insignificant as a humiliating international snub and defeat get in the way of celebrating 17 years of (mostly) happily married life. So we’re having take out pizza and a few cases of Dom. No one around here is very hungry anyway. Although I do think we’re having a few gallons of Ben and Jerry’s shipped in later tonight for the celebration. We were going to have Hagen Daz, but it sounded a little too - Scandinavian. And like I said, there’s still a degree of dog kicking going on, so no need to stir up painful memories.

What’s that? Oh. Change of plans. I guess we’re going out after all. Lady M is feeling better, and is able to sit up and take a little nourishment. I hear Marine One firing up. Oh, I hope we’re going to Paris!

I guess we’re having caviar with our champagne after all. Really, what’s the point of moping around? We may have lost the Olympics and let a few of our pals down in Chicago, but really: the world is still our oyster, and there are many, many more pearls to be had.


PS. What not to get Lady M, BO.