Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Reset: I’ll Give you 200 Nukes, You Give Me One Olympics

So, we’ve finally got the logistics worked out on our Copenhagen trip to bag a trophy for Chicago. Big Guy’s going to be able to join Lady M and BFF Oprah after all. It will be just like old times. opra3General McChrystal is going to tag along too, since Bo hasn’t been able to squeeze in any face time with him in the last 6 months. Apparently there’s something about the war over in Afghanistan that he wants to jawbone about. That’s the problem with those military types: they always think that whatever they’re involved in is more important than your business. Or is that what Big Guy said about General McChrystal? I sometimes get confused when everyone around here is talking at once. And that happens a lot,  when we’re geeked about getting together with other celebrities. Especially Oprah. Honestly, it’s like a threesome or something.ObamaOprah

I do hear some yammering that Bo doesn’t have his priorities straight. What with the new Iranian nuclear threat, healthcare reform, an inconvenient war (that George Bush started), a declining economy and a move afoot to replace the dollar as the world’s currency he should stay home and work on these things instead of heading off to Denmark to read our pitch for bringing the Olympics to Chicago. Might I remind these critics that we have a plethora of little people to do the work of the American people. Big Guy is the Lobbyist-in-Chief. Let’s let him do what he does best.