Monday, September 28, 2009

Angie Settles For Power

Angela Merkel won! We are very excited. I take back everything I said about her last August. At least I think we’re excited.It’s a bit confusing because she won another 4 years as German Chancellor with a shift towards the Conservative Right!? That doesn’t seem right, in the post O world, does it?

Big Guy did call, ostensibly to congratulate Angie. But what I think he really wanted to find out was how she managed to win an election when she didn’t even campaign in the last week. She was here! At the G-20 soiree. How IS that possible?

Bo’s all over it, because he has heard of German efficiency, and if they’ve got something that works even better than ACORN, he sure wants to know about it.

As far as Mo goes, on one hand she’s not thrilled with the win because of that “Most Influential Women” ranking. On the other hand, she heard that Angie let my cousin Greta go, so there’s less competition in the “lookin’ good” at the Heads of State tours. Greta’s now working as a studio artist for Martin-Missfeldt, just until something permanent comes up; maybe when Carla starts showing her age.

I probably shouldn’t show you how trans-imaging works, but I just want you to appreciate how much effort goes into making our clients look good. This is what Greta used to do for Angie: Just imagine what I have to go through – instantaneously - for Lady M every time we go out.