Sunday, September 27, 2009

We Are The Ones You’ve Been Waiting On

The WaPo reports this morning:

Members of the Congressional Black Caucus and several thousand of their supporters wrapped President Obama in a warm embrace at a gala banquet Saturday night, as Obama reminded the crowd of the initiatives he has enacted in the early months of his presidency.

You could –literally – feel the love. My lenses were fogged up all night. And it’s probably just me, because sometimes I feel like I’m 24/7 with the Royals, but do you really think there’s anyone left on earth that needs to be reminded – again – everything that Big Guy’s done?

And then he goes on (and on):

“We’ve been waiting since the days of Teddy Roosevelt; we’ve been waiting since the day of Harry Truman; we’ve been waiting since Johnson and Nixon and Clinton,” Obama said. “We cannot wait any longer.”

We know, we know: “we are the ones we’ve (you’ve) been waiting for”. So Ok. Here you are:

bc dinnerbc dinner09 Lady M is wearing a knee black caucus dinner 09 length black evening gown with diamond bangles (many) on her wrist.(Carla does seem to have made an impression on MO). And no, I don’t know what those feathery little fillips are.




booo bcd bos bccd



But, as BO has reminded us, it’s not all about him (you).