Friday, October 2, 2009

Blame It On Rio (and Racism)

Holy Crap!

I mean did you see the headline on Drudge?!


We’ll all be sitting Shiva on Air Force One for the long flight mourningNobody saw this coming. Well maybe Rahmbo, who made all of us go out and take one for the team. Originally he thought that Chicago’s Pay to Play reputation would break in our favor. But now, after huddling with Gibbsy and Biden to finger a fall guy – and determining that George W. Bush wasn’t really a viable candidate – we’ve decided it’s Blago’s fault. With the state’s ex-Governor already under indictment, we’re going to say that the IOC didn’t want to risk another embarrassing scandal like the one in Salt Lake City; and they had already talked to Mitt Romney who told them he wasn’t willing to bail out Obama's Olympics. That’s our story, and we’re sticking with it. That, and the fact that the Dane’s are all racists.

Meanwhile, all our high-five’s have dropped to single digits.

We’re going to have to get back to work for the American people big time now. Most of the 24 million jobs we were planning on saving or creating were associated with the Chicago Olympics.


I apologize for leading all of you astray with my prediction of victory. It would appear as how the IOC can not be conned as easily as the American electorate. I’m humbled, and a little sad. Lady M, on the other hand is handling all this in a much healthier manner: she’s letting off steam by dropping F-bombs all over everyone.

On a brighter note, you can listen to my favorite song while commenting: