Thursday, October 1, 2009

Oh, O, Oh.

Wow! If you think Lady M created a buzz here in Copenhagen, you should see the Oprah adulation. It’s scary to think what will happen when Big Guy gets in later tonight. The best Brazil could do was Pele.

It’s not that we thought for a moment that MO couldn’t pull this miracle off by herself, but it never hurts to throw in a little extra star power. Besides, MO and BO have never won an election without Oprah so it didn’t make sense to take a chance.mi and op cop Here we are giving our joint campaign pitch, just like in the old days. As you can see, O’s also a big fan of the cinched sausage look. Even with a little help from my refracting trans-imaging, Oprah is still the best way to make MO look slim. That’s why she’s Lady M’s BFF. Just thought you’d want to know.

This morning we met with the Prime Ministermico3 over a few Cheese Danish, and now we’re off to see the Queen. Lunch at Amalienborg Palace, I hope they don’t serve those little fish sandwiches again: the smell lingers for days.  Other than that, looking forward: MO loves looking down on the wee Royals.

Back later with pictures and a lunch review.

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