Monday, September 28, 2009

Monumental Task

We certainly did have a hectic week around here: first we had to apologize to everyone (again) for everything America did prior to 9 months ago, then there were the interminable photo ops at the Metropolitan,the  organic dinner where  Carla showed up acting like she was the new Jackie O,


the museum trip where we had to pretend that Andy Warhol was a serious artist, and then the Congressional Black Caucus dinner where we had to reassure the team, again, that Obamacare Means Free Healthcare For Everyone.  You would think that after that the family might chose to stay home on Sunday night – maybe have a little sushi and call it a week.

No. We have to tromp off to see the Washington Monument and Jefferson Memorial by moonlight. wm6

As if they aren’t going to be there for ever (unless the Secret Service knows something I don’t, but I don’t think that’s it).

To be fair, the Won’s half sister and her fam were in town for a visit, so I suppose you have to show them around. It seems to me they came to see the sights more so than BO and MO, so the SS might have been able to chauffer them around, but I got the impression BO wanted to go.

I have noticed that when more than 12 hours pass between photo-ops, we do start experiencing the jitters around here, so maybe it is just that junkie thing. Fortunately, the press is a very reliable enabler. Here are a few snaps they took as we had fun on the National Mall:


I think you can tell though, that, despite her best impersonation of having fun, Lady M is having none of it.


On the other hand, it could be that Big Guy was just checking the Mall out to get some ideas for the design and placement for his own memorial some day.