Friday, July 30, 2010

Back Soon

Heartfelt thanks to everyone for your comforting words,thoughts and prayers. And for keeping an excellent thread going in my absence. MOTUS will be back in full tomorrow morning.

In the meantime: Good News! Long time MOTUS commenter, Labwriter has finally got her blog, Touched With Fire back on line after being down for a month! Today she features comments on the Won’s View appearance. You should go see.

You will also enjoy her previous post, “Fixed”  which has a clip of  k.d. lang channeling Gertrude Stein - although I think I detect a bit of Wayne Newton. And if you watch closely, at 4:21 I think you’ll see where Lady M learned her signature gait.

It’s a beautiful song (although no one can do it better than the song’s poet, Leonard Cohen) and k.d. has a beautiful voice, I’d say it’s better to just listen than to watch. Kind of how I feel about Lady M some days.

See you all back here tomorrow. Thanks again to all.