Monday, August 8, 2011

Bo-nuts in the Organic Garden of Good and Evil

Good morning everyone. I don’t have time to do a regular post today due to multiple systems tests scheduled for this AM, butt I know how worried you’ve all been about Lady M.

To put your minds at ease I submit this photo evidence of her complete well being:


We’re returning from the extended birthday party at Camp David with a few relatives and close personal friends from Chicago. As you can see, everyone had a good time.

return of oohs

But still no sight of Little Bo, who had to stay home because someone claimed to have “allergies” to a non-allergenic dog. Bo stayed here with Little Mo and Raj. Don’t tell Lady M, butt they were “playing” in the organic garden and now it’s even more “organic.”

I raised Little Bo’s rating to a AAA+


I knew you would want me to.

And speaking of ratings, just a word on our manufactured weekend downgrade from S&P. It now appears that it was completely the work of the Tea Party! Wow! Those guys are really powerful! No wonder the Democratic Talking Points Underground has targeted them for a hit job.

Anyway, the important take away here is that Tiny Tim is still firmly ensconced in the money seat. Big Guy is still behind him.

bo and tiny

At least 1000%

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