Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Breaking the Circle of Poverty, One Election at a Time

UPDATE: Had to repost since the video didn’t embed. It looks like I lost a few comments in the repost, so sorry! I’m afraid I can’t recapture.

Finally: our reelection campaign has hit its stride. We have now officially locked up the two most crucial voting blocks in the Democratic party: Hollywood and the fashion industry. These are just two of the constituencies that totally reflect Big Guy’s deep commitment to moving the great Socialist Movement American experiment Forward.

Well, here, I’ll let Greg explain:

I think he speaks eloquently for the rest of America.

“Saying ‘vote Obama’[is] the best thing to happen to no-talents since breast implants, which is why Hollywood is now Obama’s volunteer PR army and personal ATM machine. But while the prez and this cult are the best star-pairing since ‘Thelma and Louise,’ — you know how that ended. And also, if Anna Wintour is the face of the campaign … your campaign may need a facelift.”

Butt we’re not relying strictly on that star power to win this thing. We’ve also got Bubba in our camp (sort of).

bo bubba happy to be here.2jpgHappy to be here, BO. Really.

In a fundraising marathon both Bo and Bubba trumpeted their mutual bragging rights of being the most fiscally responsible presidents since…Eisenhower! Wait, who? Wow, impressive nevertheless.

Of course, Bubba’s enviable spending levels are due to wisely signing up with the R-words contract with America and signing onto a fiscally responsible plan of reducing welfare funding along with any number of other decidedly undemocratic spending cuts. I wonder if that could work again?

Anyway, as for Big Guy: we all know that the big spending he’s been forced to approve was all George W. Bush’s fault. And he doesn’t have to count the money he’s committed to spending in perpetuity for his signature legislation, Obamacare, because we’re only counting the made-up savings in the current time frame. The spending comes later, and it will be somebody else’s fault. That’s why we call it government mathamagicals.

Now, on a more important issue; have you seen the lengths to which the R-words have gone to be dismissive, even derisive of Lady M’s campaign to eliminate childhood obesity in one generation? They’ve now planted a story that exercise is not good for you! What next, we find out the Happy Meal is actually good for you?

mo happy meal

This nonsense non-science has just got to stop.

Whatever will we do for photo ops if we have to stop exercising?

mo crinkleslets movemonoproven' we're not a hypocritfat like me232x334form follows functionmichelle-obama-lets-move-10ORIOLESmarchinsocce5soccer3

Anyway, for now we’re focusing on preparations for our patriotic 4th of July celebration. I think we’re going to hire the Queen’s Jubilee staff as our party planner, as they seem to have a sense of the kind of all-American celebration we’d like to have on the Washington Mall.

Picnic baskets for all attendees prepared to the exacting standards of Chef:

royal picnic lunch by experimental chef Heston Blumenthala Queens spread

Fireworks extraordinaire:

tv competes with the real thing

And a HOPE and CHANGE themed Ferris wheel over the Potomac:

new obama logo

And the seasons they go round and round
And the painted ponies go up and down
We're captive on the carousel of time
We can't return we can only look
Behind from where we came
And go round and round and round
In the circle game


Break the Circle. November 6, 2012

Don’t forget to help Governor Walker continue to break the circle of poverty in Wisconsin today. Be sure to vote if you live in Wisconsin. Or Chicago – it’s not that far of a drive and you can register at the door.