Sunday, November 25, 2012

A Bucket-full of Thanks!

On the last day of this year’s Thanksgiving holiday, we are going to focus on a few more things that the Wons and their constituents have to be truly thankful for this year.

Number one on the list of heretofore unmentioned blessings is Rush Limbaugh. Apparently without him Big Guy never would have WON!

Let’s start with the charge made by Steve-Sarah-Palin-made-McCain-lose-not-our-crappy-campaign-Schmidt: on Meet the Press two weeks ago he named Rush as this year’s scapegoat. He explained how the lovable little fluff ball was responsible for undermining the Romney campaign strategy developed by himself and fellow Big Brained consultant Mike Murphy. That would be the time honored “prevent defense” strategy proven again and again to all butt guarantee a loss.

03-12-09_boyd_originalSomehow the other team always finds a way around it to win

“to too many swing voters in the country, when you hear the word conservative now, they think of loons and wackos.”


tea_party_platformTea Party Platform: Wow! That’s Crazy! Right Ms.NBC?

Because as we all know, debunking inaccurate notions about your team is in no way the responsibility of the CAMPAIGN! That job falls on the shoulders of the media – the conservative media that is, not the MSM which is far too busy promoting their own progressive agenda to worry about the conservative message.


Schmidt went on to snarl:

“Our elected leaders are scared to death of the conservative entertainment complex, the shrill and divisive voices that are bombastic and broadcasting out into the homes.”


talk radio libs hateWhose side are you on again, Schmidty?


It was left to Lefty historian Doris Kearns Goodwin put it in perspective:

“The fundamental loss of this campaign probably took place in the Republican primaries when they put out a group of people who were so far off the political cliff on issues that mattered to Latinos, to women and to young people.”

Absolutely,  you nailed it Professor Kearns-Goodwin! The Republican consultants couldn’t agree more! All those wacko Republicans yammering about deficit spending and the fiscal cliff when we all know that all Latinos are interested in is amnesty, women care only about free contraceptives and abortions, and young people only want gay marriage, free tuition and legal dope. How could the GOP be so out of touch with MSM mainstream culture?

Fellow Romney camp strategist Mike Murphy was on the show the following week to declare:

The biggest problem that Romney had was the Republican primary. That's what's driving the Republican brand right now to a disaster, and we've got to get, kind of, a party view of America that's not right out of Rush Limbaugh's dream journal.

rush-limbaugh-idiotLet’s ask Al Franken for his ideas instead

Butt suddenly, from out of nowhere, people seem to be lobbing bombs back into camp GOP Establishment. First Rush, defending himself:

What, folks, did I or any of you have to do with the Republican primary?  Did not Murphy get the candidate he wanted?  All these consultants, do you realize they get rich no matter who wins or loses?

Next, long time double-agent Pat Caddell took to the podium to place the blame for GOP failure squarely at the feet of the very consultants who have been busy all month placing blame anywhere butt (because it obviously worked after the 2008 election, as evidenced by their return engagement). Thus giving Big Guy and his Big Brains one last thing to be truly thankful for this year: the Republican "consultant-lobbyist-establishment" complex

the_republican_shipwreckElephant in the room going down for the second time: send backup!

He outlined in fine detail all the ways the consultant class went astray; everything from failure to develop a narrative:

He said the Republican party needed to be more imaginative -- like promoting education reform against teachers unions as the new battle for civil rights and running against corruption in Washington,

to ignoring effective messages and mechanisms that didn’t line their own pockets.

For instance, even though a Frank Luntz focus group found that the “Hope and the Change” movie was the most effective way for Republicans to appeal to independent voters, Caddell accused the Republican “consultant-lobbyist-establishment complex” of not utilizing the film because “that communication didn’t fit” in their conventional plans to make the consultant class wealthy.

Never a man to mince his words, Mr. Caddell went on to identify the media as the “enemy of the people” that needed to be dealt with and suggested that the Republican “consultant-lobbyist-establishment complex” needed to be “eviscerated.”

Take away for the R-words: next time you may be better off to fire the Big Brained consultants who appear to be negative-value-added overhead and go with that “crackpot Tea Party” fringe anti-establishment crowd.

Caddell compared Romney to…Thomas Dewey in 1948, who lost to Harry Truman in an election nobody thought Truman could win. Obama, Caddell said, turned "hope and change" into "divide and conquer" and activated his liberal base just like Truman energized the New Deal coalition in 1948.

Thereby demonstrating once again history’s proclivity for repeating itself. Which brings me to my last thing to put in this year’s big bucket of things to be thankful for: Oliver Stone’s Untold History of the United States, a 10 part revisionist U.S. history series to be aired on Showtime. I understand it recasts Stalin as the hero of WWII; that ought to be good.


Butt boy, when your lies, lies and damned lies! are even too much for the New York Times and Newsweek/Daily Beast to swallow, you know you’ve wandered a little too far off the reservation. In Oliver’s case, all the way into negationism. Michael Moynihan went so far as to call it “ideological drivel.” That’s interesting, since I didn’t think writers on the pragmatic left were able to recognize that stuff any more.

So there you have it: a few blessings to toss in the “thankful” bucket that can be shared and appreciated by both the Left and the Right: el Rushbo, the consultant-lobbyist-establishment complex and disdain for Oliver Stone’s junk history.

Is this a great country or what?



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