Saturday, November 24, 2012

Headband Heroines

This hasn’t been reported elsewhere, butt there was a scary moment the other day when MO BO and the Wee Wons were handing out food packages at Martha’s Kitchen (no, not THAT Martha). Big Guy got hold of something that appeared very suspicious to him: “Whoa! What have we here? It looks like a IED! Call 911! Call Secret Security! Hit the floor!

 BO SWEET POTATODad…it’s a sweet potato. You know, Mom grows them in “her garden”

I guess Big Guy’s still a little jumpy after returning from his Asian trip. I think it’s because of  the Burmese billboards that were intended as laudatory congratulations on his second historic win butt were so over-the-top that everyone said they were “creepy.”


So I’ll give you that the colors may have been a bit, shall we say - garish, butt I’d have to say they nailed the ear and smile, no?

              bo and davecreepy obama billboard 


While most Americans are getting used to BO’s big, charismatic smile, I guess the Burmese – or Myanmararians as Big Guy calls them – just weren’t quite ready for all that animal magnetism. It looks like they sided with the Twitchy crowd as far as the creepy factor was concerned:

bo mural myanmarThere, that’s much better.

I don’t blame the painter. Frankly, no artist’s rendition will ever do justice to the real thing:

College of Nanoscale Science and Engineering at the University  boNow THAT’S creepy!

In other news: guess who Lady M’s channeling these days? Oh never mind, you’ll never guess:

mo bo craig

I’ll just go ahead and tell you - that’s right! Hil!


Queen of - and still head cheerleader for - the greatly underappreciated headband!


I know Hil was always shooting for the Eva Peron look - you know, the heroic spouse:


I’m not so sure what it is with Lady M. Maybe the same thing?

    eva juan peronbo mo foreshortened

And what the heck, it’s worth a shot; it worked our okay for Madonna:

         madonna desparately seeking susanmadonna

From “Desperately Seeking Susan” to “Evita” in one short decade!

jonathon pryce maddona as perons

 As you may recall though, things didn’t end well in real life - for either Eva or Argentina.



Don’t Cry For Me, Argentina: Madonna

PS: in case you were wondering, Argentina isn’t doing any better these days: default, riots, general strikes. Butt don’t worry – it could never happen here (Tip: play the traveling music while you read this).

Now let’s everyone with any coins left in their pocket or purse get out there and shop Small Business Saturday!

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