Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Pardoning Our Turkeys

Here I am, back in time for Thanksgiving. You’ll be relieved to hear, as was I, that my checkup at Langley yesterday located no viruses or otherwise invasive programs in my circuit boards so I’m cleared to continue my assignment at the Big White for now. Apparently  my firewall is holding. (h/t to Raj!)

And there is so much to be thankful for around here. Take the other day for example; Lady M took time out of her busy post-reelection schedule to celebrate the arts and humanities in a recycled Zero + Maria Cornejo frock with our signature boob belt.

mo boob and ankle belts

To update the look from the first wearing, we matched it up this time around with ankle belts as well, and midnight blue/black nail polish with the new squared-off nail tip look. Very au courant.

  mo's lovely ankle braceletsmo's hand scar and black nail polish

Big Guy got back late last night from his very successful, if boring, ASEAN conference.

    bo cambodian shirt asean summitbo yawn

With Hillary dispatched to the Mideast to clean up the latest mess resulting in “Palestinians being massacred all week” (if you believe Whoopi-lodge–accusations-first-ask-for clarification-of-facts-later-Goldberg) Big Guy is freed up to handle more pressing matters of state. Such as pardoning the official White House turkeys later this afternoon.

I thought originally the pardons might include some of the rather large bird brains around here:


Butt I guess it’s just Cobbler and Gobbler, this year’s not-for-Thanksgiving-dinner birds sent in for today’s Big White photo op.

cobbler gobblerCobbler and Gobbler’s press conference from their digs on the roof of the W Hotel.

Still, I’m surprised we couldn’t find at least one turkey-of-color to pardon.

Sir Pall McCartney has signaled that he, for one, is pleased to hear about Big Guy’s stay of execution for the birds even though they’re both white. As you know, Sir Pall stands with Lady M on the healthy eating front.


“Say No Thanks to Turkey,” boy, how long have people been saying THAT around here?

lubbock tx no to o

I think it’s quite understandable that somebody who shares such an affinity with turkey necks would want to spare them from the chopping block.

     M_Id_298107_Paul_McCartneymccartney turkey neck

Apparently there is a limit to what magic can be done with a scalpel after you hit the big 7-0.

Despite Sir Pall’s support of Lady M’s food police program, suffice it to say he’s not listed amongst this year’s Thanksgiving guest list (Yes, there will be turkey. And ham.).

Moving on to other pressing matters of State ahead of the Thanksgiving holiday and feast: Lady M will be “receiving” the official Big White holiday tree at 11:00 am today. I can’t wait. it’s generally the only time all year that I don’t need to worry about trying to make her butt look small.

If you catch my drift.

     christmas tree2christmas tree

Whoa! Nelly!

paulsurpriseMy! That is a big bird!

And now I must be about my Thanksgiving feast preparations. I’ll be moving around the country tomorrow through Sunday, so posts will be short. Hope everyone has a great holiday.

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