Monday, November 12, 2012

Dim SumThin’

Do you remember Tom Friedman’s column in praise of the efficiency of China’s enlightened, benevolent totalitarianism? It must have hit a nerve because apparently he got a lot of people in America asking themselves  “Why can’t we be more like China?” And last week, they answered their own question: YES WE CAN!

Now that we’ve re-anointed the Won, we have turned off the “please fasten seat belts” sign and he is free to walk about the country. So we can expect a lot of enlightened, benign policies being implemented in his wake.

civilian militaryNote to self: must requisition 100 million pair of white gloves for our Civilian Military Force 

Next time around, expect the electorate to vote to eliminate the whole tedious, expensive process of holding elections every few years altogether. And just think of the reduction in carbon emission we’ll experience when we eliminate the need for Democrats to round up all those homeless, dead and otherwise illegal voters and drive them to the polls!

Anyway, once we get rid of general elections, the proles will be at least as enlightened as their Chinese counterparts, who just let their betters decide who to put into power next. Coincidentally, China is holding its 18th Chinese Communist Party Congress of Betters this week, at which Xi Jinping will be anointed President on Thursday.

Like Big Guy, Xi Jinping had the good sense to “punch above his weight” when selecting a political spouse:


Xi Jinping’s wife, Peng Liyuan, is an attractive folk singer (like Carla!) and as such is expected to be a bit of a celebrity First Lady, perhaps giving even our veteran Lady M a run for her money. She’s expected to  play a larger role in political life than recent Chinese political wives. Not since Madame Mao, who was quite a little pistol in her own right, have the First Ladies of China been the least bit political; for reasons that are obvious to all butt the most ignorant of Chinese recent history. Like Tom Friedman.

mao and madame maoMao and Madame Mao. Great sense of style, butt not so hot on the human rights front.

Anyway, having attractive, accomplished wives isn’t the only thing these two world leaders will have in common:

peng moOh sure, Peng can sing, butt can she dance?


Xi Jinping has been described as an ambitious ideologist, pragmatist, staunchly anti-American, being managed and his movements carefully scripted to support the China Regime propaganda machine.”

Wow! Substitute “Democratic Party” for “China” and are we not talking separated at birth?!

bo xi flexI’ll have a lot more flexibility after I’m anointed too.

When they met last February, the two anti-American leaders discovered other things they had in common as well; for instance, they both agreed that China would be a swell place to build Jeeps as long as nobody is allowed to talk about it until after the American “election.”


jeep to china

They both enjoy a good dark brew:


and dinner at the Forbidden City cafe:


especially the eggrolls:

bo and kittyYeah, I’m sorry about your healthcare insurance premiums too, Wong. Can I get some extra sweet and sour sauce?

And they both hold out HOPE for a better things tomorrow:

free beer tomorrowBetter things for America

China-Yuan-US-Dollar-54969Better things for China

So until then, just shut up and eat your gruel fried rice.

dim sum all day

Dim Sum thin’


Drats! I forgot my Veteran’s Day Observed memorials. Salutes to America’s great Vets!




And here, to prove that there is a glimmer of light left in the world, observe  - and rejoice - for the small things:  I’m talking STOCKINGS here people!

mo vet day 12

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