Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Open Thread: Scandals, Cover-ups Optional

My reflective services are required elsewhere today from before sunup to after sundown so I must leave you to entertain yourselves…something I know you are all very capable of.

If anyone is suffering MO withdrawal (although I can’t imagine who would be), you can check in on what she was doing last year at this time (hint: we were in Hawaii with the little man – Dmitry, not BO!)

mo butt medvedev

In addition to all the other juicy scandals and cover-ups you might want to discuss today, don’t forget about Hilz’ blockbuster confession to the NYT that she suffers from sleep deprivation – that could effect your judgment, couldn’t it? – and a secret longing to be an interior decorator.

hillary beer cheer

Have fun, butt remember: let’s be careful out there. With so many people asleep at the switch, it’s apparently more dangerous than we even suspected.