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It’s the only 12-12-12 we will ever have, and this is the best I’ve got:

     Q. What’s the difference between the Michigan Legislature and the U.S. Legislature?

     A. The Michigan legislators read their bills before they pass them.

So they were aware that by passing the Right to Work bill they were granting employees the choice to opt out of union membership. Since that makes the payment of union dues likewise optional, they realized that it would likely upset some of Michigan’s unions.

A92aOxtCQAEBS12_jpg-large-550x412Proud member of the Michigan Teachers’ Union poses in front of a giant rat…whoops! Somebody spelled Governor SNyder’s name wrong! Thank a teacher.

ratsGovernor “Synder” is only one member of the Rat pack

The pro-union forces gathered in the pre-dawn hours to prepare their chants: "Hey hey, ho ho, right-to-work has got to go," and "What's disgusting, union busting." Too bad they didn’t have time to come up with something better. Or at least work on the punctuation.

ditto rtw

Many luminaries were on hand to support the Michigan unions, including none other than race-baiter and professional rabble rouser community organizer, Jesse Jackson, shown here at a Capital sit-in with Lansing mayor Virg Bernero and Senate Minority Leader and big time political aspirant, Gretchen Whitmer.

Jesse Jackson, along with Lansing Mayor Virg Bernero and Michigan state senate minority leader Gretchen WhitmerWho’s your daddy?

Also in attendance to support the little people: Teamster President Jimmy Hoffa Jr. (whose salary places him in the 1%). People are still searching for his father Jimmy Hoffa Sr.(also one-time Teamster President and convicted felon) who went missing in 1975 and was presumably killed by the mafia at the behest of rival union mobsters thugs low information leaders. His body has never been found.

Teamsters Preezy james hoffa jr.Where’s your daddy?

In addition to the union demonstrators who apparently had the day off, teachers from various Michigan school districts called in sick to participate in this democratic process.

Jen Penz, a union steward for teacher aides at Warren Consolidated Schools, said 260 teachers called in sick there, forcing schools to close in the district near Detroit. "We're not abandoning our students. We're here to protect their future," Penz said. "We're setting a good example for them.”

“Setting a good example,” really?

(caption) In this sequence of photos a man in a IBEW Union jacket punches another man in the face outside the pro-Right-to-Work tent of Americans for Prosperity,an organization funded by big money private doners.  *** Union members and labor supporters protest Right-to-Work legislation at the Michigan State Capitol in Lansing Tuesday morning. Photos taken on Tuesday, December 11, 2012. ( John T. Greilick / Detroit News )

Union thug moron low information voter is the one throwing the sucker punch

Butt let me be clear: no unions were harmed in the making of this Michigan bill. They all remain in tact. The only thing that may be harmed is the amount of money they will have at their disposal to buy support candidates and initiatives that promote their “special interests.” Hopefully it won’t effect their ability to pay their union leaders enough to keep them firmly entrenched in the top 1% who can afford to pay a little bit more.

Butt I digress: It would seem that the U.S. Senate did not bother to read the Obamacare bill before they passed it. So they were unaware of what was hidden in that “fog of controversy” surrounding it.

capital in a fogThe House of Fog

And now that they know, they don’t like it.

Sixteen Democratic senators who voted for the Affordable Care Act are asking that one of its fundraising mechanisms, a 2.3 percent tax on medical devices scheduled to take effect January 1, be delayed.  Echoing arguments made by Republicans against Obamacare, the Democratic senators say the levy will cost jobs — in a statement Monday, Sen. Al Franken called it a “job-killing tax” — and also impair American competitiveness in the medical device field.

Former SATURDAY NIGHT LIVE cast member AL FRANKEN is running for the US
Senate from Minnesota in 2008.
  A senior Democratic official from Minnesota confirmed that the
comedian has decided to run for office, but he has not made an official
announcement yet.
  The 55-year-old has been calling members of the Minnesota
congressional delegation to get their advice on his candidacy.
  He announced this week (BEG29JAN07) that he would be leaving his show
on Air America Radio on 14 February (07) and told listeners he would be
making a decision soon.
  Franken would take on Republican NORM COLEMAN, a first-term senator
who is among the Democrats' top targets.
  In addition to his work on Saturday Night Live, he has also written
several best-selling books combining humour and politics. (SS/WNWCYA

Al Franken 
Conservative Political Action Conference 2005
Washington DC, USA - 2005
Credit: Carrie Devorah / WENNOne of the smartest men in the room

“Job-killing tax” – hoo-wee! That’s a hoot, no? As if there’s a tax that isn’t “job-killing?” Well, okay, let’s admit it: most of these people were elected more for their good looks and willingness to support the Dems’ position, no matter how stupid, than for their smarts.


So anyway, that about wraps up my 12-12-12 post. Since many of you have indicated your weariness of my pictures of BO and MO I will try to comply (although, that is my job: MOTUS MIRROR – hello!). How about we compromise, and I only do butt shots for awhile? 

Screenshot Studio capture #809

And shots where you can’t see MO’s face:

Screenshot Studio capture #811

Although I do have an exclusive shot that explains the sudden appearance of these large, oversized tops; butt I’ll save it for when you’re feeling stronger.

For those of you beginning to recover from your bout of BOMO Schizoid Syndrome (BSS), you can go here for additional MO glamor shots. Butt unless you are absolutely certain you are completely recovered do not, repeat, NOT go here.

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