Monday, December 3, 2012

We Honor Artistic Expression

Hard to believe that it’s that season again. No, not “Christmas,” I’m talking about awards season, which kicks off with the annual Kennedy Center Honors Gala. Broadcast live from the Kennedy Center Opera House on CBS!

As always, this year’s honorees hail from the arts capitals of the world; Americans Blues guitarist Buddy Guy, actor/director Dustin Hoffman and all around cultural treasure, late night talk show host David Letterman. From the former Soviet Union we have ballerina Natalia Makarova who defected at the height of the Cold War (and is rumored to be  considering defecting back) and from Britain, the remaining members of Led Zeppelin - John Paul Jones, Jimmy Page, and Robert Plant.

The weekend-long celebration began with a dinner hosted by Hillary and the State Department on Saturday night.


In addition to Bill, Hill and the honorees, it was attended by many of the regular special friends and hangers on.

merly hil2

Sunday’s celebration began with a Big White reception for this year’s WINners:


bomo holding hands sweetly


As well as this year’s honorees:


dustin buddy guy157363828157363578

Other cultural icons in attendance:

carolinepelosiskimmel pelosi

Gee, Nancy is nearly 20 years Caroline’s senior; how does she do it? She should share her beauty regimen and maybe start her own cosmetics line.

I think the remaining Led Zeppelin boys could benefit from her tips too.


led zepplin(L) to (R) then and now: Robert, Jimmy, John Paul

Also attending the State dinner Saturday: Aretha, wearing a pink Cadillac on her recently downsized frame. Also spotted: Morgan Freeman who respectfully kept his hat on to keep his big brain in check, in deference to BO.

arethamorgan freeman


Then on to the Kennedy Center, where the red carpets were cluttered with even more of our celebrity fans and MSM cheerleaders: Alec, Norah, Jimmy, Steve and Tina.


alec baldwin hilaria thomasNorah o'donnellEPA_USA KENNEDY CENTER HONORS GALA

AFP-Getty_157349098tina fey


Oh, and the Sunday event allowed for wardrobe changes. Nancy chose a flock of seagulls while fellow Californian Communist Progressive, Senator Barbara Boxer wore brown silk taffeta. I note that she, wisely, seems to be following Nancy’s beauty regimen these days. Amazing what you can afford on a public servant’s salary (that you’ve worked soooo hard to get).


35th Kennedy Center Honors Gala Dinner dh-F1a5nK6zlBarbara Boxer 35th Kennedy Center Honors Gala xBuYf7VSeXMl


And Aretha, for whatever reason, chose to attend the Sunday ceremonies as Cher, in an awning.


35th Kennedy Center Honors Gala Dinner arethaG0FrOlLhzuwl

As is his style, Big Guy put his signature spin on things:

“Tonight’s honorees didn’t just take up their crafts to make a living.  They did it because they couldn’t imagine living any other way,”

20120424_081141_cd24obamaSSHe's got a couple of pretty sweet rides - Air Force One and Cadillac One are specially designed to ensure that the President has an office everywhere they go. (Pete Souza / The White House)

“That passion took each of them from humble beginnings to the pinnacle of their profession.  Tonight, in the People’s House, we have a chance to say thank you.”


Now, don’t go getting all excited. It’s art.

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