Saturday, February 9, 2013

Taking a Commercial Break

Dear MO(Y)Ls, MO(Y)Ds, and FOMs, It is time for MOTUS to take a bit of a break. Not totally; I’m not going completely dark (can I say that?) butt I do need to “reinvent” myself.

Why? Well, here’s the deal: due to Big Guy’s continuing assault on the working class (that technically includes me, or at least it used to; I haven’t actually seen a paycheck since the WONs moved into the Big White) the cost of living is beginning to head into the Jimmy Carter stratosphere.  Do you know what a can of Glasswax runs you these days? If you can even find it.

So not only are we headed towards hyper-inflation, butt I just started going through the 13,000 pages (so far) of Obamacare’s unintended consequences. And frankly, since I’m not getting any younger and NASA just notified me that their new budget will no longer allow them to provide my yearly maintenance upgrades, new batteries and memory backups, I think it prudent on my part to pursue other opportunities.

So while I won’t be giving up my MOTUS responsibilities entirely, I do need to spend some time figuring out how best to monetize my current position while I – as Roger Simon put it – “still have some ability to do it.”

So for the near future I’ll be downsizing the girth of my daily post (following Lady M’s guidelines and helpful hints) to allow me more time to explore options for monetizing my efforts. I’m not looking for handouts – butt since Big Guy wants us all to pay a little more  and he won’t give me a raise, or even pay me for my current services - I’m going to have to do this on my own.

So while I look into ad placements to defray the costs of maintaining my cloud storage, I’ll also be pursuing other options. I kind of liked receiving pay checks from Right Network (before they closed the shutters) and the Daily Mail Online, so I’ll be checking around to see if anyone else with a big time website would be interested in publishing my daily reflections for fun and profit. Anyone? Glenn, over at The Blaze? Tucker, on the Daily CallerBreitbart? The good Michelle? Whoever the new editor-in-chief at PJMedia will be? Feel free to drop me an email, I’m currently entertaining all offers: blog assignments, book deals, consulting, speaking circuit, circus acts.

In short, I’m not certain the modest funds I’ve set aside for retirement in the Old Age Home for Obsolete Technological devices will be adequate in the age of ObamaWorld.

So, in order to reinvent MOTUS as an all-American capitalist pig I need a few weeks to get my game plan together. This will hopefully allow me to find a level playing field on which I’ll get a fair shake in order to pay my fair share. I don’t want to be a slacker.

While I’m pursuing “other options” Raj will be looking into migrating my blog to a new (non-Blogger) platform, so things will be busy around here. Not so busy that I won’t be able to  present a short post each day however. In this interim, most day’s posts will be similar to today’s (below):  a picture, a comment and/or a question; with an occasional full length missive to cover important topics, like the Oscars.

Please continue to check in daily and leave your comments and suggestions, as I sure don’t want to give up my #138 position on the Top Conservative Blogs list!

Sincere thanks to all my loyal readers, commentors and fans: please stay tuned as I attempt to reinvent myself into something newer, bigger and better!

So, let me reiterate: I’m not looking for donations. I’ve just got that good old American Capitalist Pig itch, and I’m looking to find a way to scratch it so I can afford to give a little bit more.

And now, today’s topic for discussion: Snow jobs. Choose your favorite of the week from my list, or create your own.

  • Prayer Breakfast:

FE_DA_0207_Obama_Prayer425x283“Obama Calls for Humility at the National Prayer Breakfast” (seriously)

(if this one doesn’t get your vote, than you might enjoy watching Dr. Benjamin Carson’s complete homily here)

  • Senate Testimony:

benghazi-panetta dempsey


  • the blizzard so huge, it even got its own name!


Have a good weekend, and stay safe and warm all you North Easties!

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