Thursday, April 11, 2013

Big Brother would like to wish you a belated Happy Sibling Day.

Did you remember that yesterday was National Siblings Day?

Did you send your siblings a card? No? Neither did Big Guy. Not only because he was so busy, butt because he just can’t keep track of them all. In addition to half sister Maya Soetoro-Ng, he has so many half-sibs in Kenya that we don’t even bother exchanging Kwanza cards anymore. And besides his blood sibs, there are literally thousands more that Big Guy considers brothers is spirit. For example:

There are Big Guy’s soul brothers,


his doobie brothers:

Early-Obama-The-Choom-Gan-008-620x433The Choom Gang

his Brooks brothers,

tailored obamaStylin’

his ideological brothers,


and of course there’s his Muslim brother, Malik,

barack and older brother MalikBO, best man at Malik’s first (of 12) marriages

Malik, who has lived in Washington D.C. since 1985  has been so inspired by his little brother’s success that he’s planning on returning to Kenya in a few years to run for President. He’s already started his community organizing and campaign fund:

He claims to have raised nearly $100,000 for his foundation, a charity set up in 2008 to ‘do good for Kogelo’.

But there have been questions about where the money has gone. A probe was launched over cash owed to the US taxman from his fund-raising activities. Much of the money raised had come from Malik’s Muslim connections in Saudi Arabia, Libya, Sudan and Yemen.

barack obama foundation

Not doing as well at exploiting his brother’s name is youngest brother George, last seen living in a hut in Kenya.


I guess big brother Malik thinks his brother Barack should give George a hand, as it appears to him that BO can afford to pay a little bit more:

“I’m very proud of my brother, but I would like for him to do a little bit more for the family on this side. I would like to say he could send some money.”

Butt apparently BO thinks his good-for-nothing little brother should do more for himself and pull himself up by his own bootstraps. Odd, since that sort of personal responsibility is not something normally in Big Guy’s playbook.

01125110_Par_89380_ImageFileThen the LORD said to Cain, “Where is Abel your brother?” And he said, “I do not know. Am I my brother’s keeper?” Genesis 4:9

Besides, George doesn’t really expect Big Guy to “spread it around” in his direction. He knows Big Guy’s got to take care of the whole world. Besides, George is an adult, he can take care of himself. 

And when George really needed a hand, $1000 (about 50 years worth of George’s pay) for his son’s operation, he called his brother, Barack Dinesh who sent him the money right away.

Anyway, rest assured that Big Guy thinks of all of you as his siblings. And he has dedicated his life to you. If you don’t think so, maybe you’d like to attend his reeducation summer camp. For free.

And remember: If Barack Hussein Obama had a Big Brother, he would look just like him.

obama-big-brother msnbc

So happy belated Sibling Day greetings from BO.

Big-Brother-Is-Watching-You-Surveillance-Is-SecurityWhich is why you don’t need a gun; “You’d probably be dead anyway”

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