Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Party like it’s 2008! More Green Onions!

Whoa! That was a party! Part 10 in our cultural-musical programming for PBS. Funding provided, as always, by you, the American People.

“In Performance at the White House: Memphis Soul.” Appearing in full on PBS next week.

We did have a little hiccup upfront when, at the afternoon pre-party in the State Dining Room, Lady M discovered the other Queen was planning on wearing the same dress she had specially constructed for her Soul-Sistah debut at the evening festivities.

mo shock and aweO.M.G.!

Granny Robinson had to whip out her Singer to make some emergency alterations. Her first solution was rejected out of hand by MO: 

mo big bo Love it, butt it doesn’t do enough to showcase my guns. The fabulously toned ones.

So Granny quickly used the really big bow to slap a little ruffle on the (other) big Queen’s frock.

Screenshot Studio capture #1037OK, we’re all cool now.

Screenshot Studio capture #1032Here we are, sitting on the dock of the bay. Bobbing and weaving.

Wait a minute, what? Did I hear that right?

“The president and first lady at times clapped their hands and bobbed and weaved their heads to the pulsating rhythms.”

Wow!” Bobbed and weaved?” I’m just going to come right out and call a dog whistle on that.


And right before Big Guy made this whole evening about race a learning experience no less:

“Memphis, Tennessee, was segregated in the 1960s, but blacks and whites came together despite the institutional racism to create a soulful blend of gospel and rhythmic blues music that sought to 'bridge those divides, to create a little harmony with harmony.

They weren't allowed to go to school together. They weren't always allowed to travel or eat together,' Obama said. 'But no one could stop them from playing music together.”

Well, at least that explains Justin Timberlake. Nothing explained Cyndi Lauper. Later on, Big Guy revealed his personal approval of Booker T’s huge hit “Green Onions:”

"I just want everybody to know that it is now my second term, so rather than 'Hail to the Chief,' we're going with ('Green Onions') from here on out."

green onions

*Heh* “Green Onions”as a theme song? I would think the loyal opposition could have some fun with that! “Watch out, here comes little Green Onions!” “Look at those little Green Onions!” Oh yeah, this will be the perfect theme song for Big Guy.

Coming soon to a sequestration station near you: the Green Onion’s Greenhorn Golf Tour.


Greenhorn Logo Website Header

Now playing on ABC, NBC, CBS, Ms.NBC, CNN and PBS. Don’t miss it!

Let’s give it up for the greenhorn! Let him play through! More Green Onions!

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