Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Bi-the way, did you hear what Lady M didn’t say yesterday?

Lady M was so rattled by a LGBT heckler at the DNC fundraiser she was addressing yesterday

san fran's gay pride parade

that her big brain temporarily shut down, and an uncharacteristic flash of anger leapt out:

The pool reported that Obama left the lectern toward the protestor saying that they could “listen to me or you can take the mic, but I’m leaving. You all decide. You have one choice.”

In a response that presented an alternative somewhere between a conundrum and a false dilemma, Lady M created her own new logic fallacy: the “Vamoose Conundrum.” It’s “telling people they have a choice between two options, immediately followed by a declaration that negates the first one.”


Now, I don’t know about you, butt where I went to school, that kind of magical thinking would only qualify you for government work.

lazystripe.govt work jpg

Butt since Lady M was fortunate enough to go to not one, butt two Ivy League schools she had lots more choices: should she stay at the white shoe law firm in her home town, or quit that non-challenging, well-paying job that she “worked so hard to get,” let her law license expire and go to work for the Daley Machine - where the real money power career opportunities were?


Butt back to the flawed-logic incident (that never officially happened - according to the Big White transcript of the DNC fundraiser event (h/t creeper). Just for the sake of discussion let’s say it did happen – not that I’m going to contradict “official” records that state that it did NOT happen, Press Pool transcripts to the contrary – I’m just establishing a hypothetical here for the sake of argument. So if it DID happen, you can see how it could have happened to anyone…had it in fact happened. And I’m not saying that it did. Okay?

Anyway, whose big brain wouldn’t have shut down under the assault of friendly fire?

159932185Well, besides St. Hillary?

Had this been the kind of heckler that Lady M expects from the far rightwing attack machine, say a Tea Party member demanding an executive order to stop the harassment of conservatives by the IRS (not that that ever happened, butt it could have), she would have been able to claw their eyes out respond with impeccable logic:

mo yelling“Sit down and shut up!”

Butt no, this attack came from out of left field; one of our own, a member of the LGBT coalition. One of our favored nations of the many flavored special interest groups.


Who Big Guy has done so very, very much for already -


bringing them out of the shadows and all.

gay pride day receptionbo lgbt

Ingrates. They always want more, no matter what you do for them.

Oh well, Lady M got things back on track quickly after the heavily armed Secret Service gendarmes ushered the activist, Ellen Sturtz, who was no lady, out of the event. As soon as MO turned the crowd’s attention back to the bedrock issue of making it all about “the children” we were once again back in the dialing for dollars business of politics as usual.

I know you’re interested in what MO was wearing, butt as you are well aware, Big Guy’s regime has a strict embargo on photos at fundraising events: we certainly wouldn’t want any of our contributors to be targeted by the hate groups. But here’s the “dark blue frock with black belt” that we were sporting yesterday, seen here at a previous event:

mo leaving charlotte

Now I have to run. Today I have to start screening all the books people have sent in for Lady M to take with her on her long Martha’s Vineyard vacay – because you can’t just eat, drink and relax all the time!

This one sounds interesting, butt given yesterday’s little anger management issue I think I better scan the entire book before turning it over. We don’t want to have any of those unfortunate “broken china” charges show up on our summer rental bill again this year. I don’t think the IRS will approve them as a legitimate business expense.


Note: Richard Sander is a former community organizer. Stuart Taylor, Jr. is one of our lefty journalists - and since he too graduated from Princeton and Harvard he must know what he’s talking about.

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