Sunday, July 28, 2013

Barack Can’t Do it Alone: It Takes a Whole Village of Morons

Did you get your personal email message from Lady M yesterday too?

La primera dama estadounidense Michelle Obama habla sobre la obesidad infantil el martes 23 de julio de 2013, en la reunión anual del Consejo Nacional de La Raza, en Nueva Orleáns

Dear MOTUS --

There's a lot of noise and talk and back-and-forth going on in Washington, but hardly any of it seems to be about the struggles that middle-class families face.
When I was growing up, a family like mine -- living on my hard-working father's salary at the city water plant -- could build a solid life without much debt and without relying on any form of public assistance. Today, for too many families, that American promise is no longer within reach.

food stamp pres 

[ed. I don’t think we want to go there, do we? Because if we do, some smart-alec is going to point out that it’s hard to realize “the American promise” on part time employment (thanks Obamacare!)]

And by-the-way, when did the “American Dream” turn into the “American Promise”? From  aspiration to entitlement in one generation? Boy, that really is  CHANGE, butt what happened to the HOPE?]


Barack is working to fix that, to give all families a fair shot. And he needs solid Democrats in Congress to help him.

imageproxycab48trk[ed. Remember: only you can prevent stupidity]

I'm asking you to be part of the team working to elect more Democrats in Washington and across the country. Sign up today.

It's easy to get frustrated and cynical about politics.

[ed. What could cause that?]

obama's phony scandals

Now that the excitement of the presidential campaign has faded, it is so tempting to wait another four years to re-engage. [ed. “excitement” – is that what we’re calling it now? It used to be called PTSD.]

bo mo reelectionDespair: the sinking feeling you get when you realize your fellow citizens just voted for  4 more years of HOPE and CHANGE

But make no mistake about it -- while some are tuning out, others are tuning in. They're doing everything they can to make their voices heard.

           Rand-Paul_Facebook_filibusterted cruzaaa

We're seeing the effects of that kind of imbalance every single day.

Screenshot Studio capture #1258

I know we can make our country a better place to live, for ourselves and our grandchildren, but Barack cannot do it alone.

presidents-job-gains-chart1[ed. Butt he’s doing a pretty good job so far.]

He needs people like you to get involved right now:

Screenshot Studio capture #1259


P.S. -- Please don't wait for the next presidential election to get involved -- we've got to get going right now. That's the only way we'll get it done.

merch_0001_button_we can't waitwcw

[ed. Don’t forget: we can’t wait. Go to the “Don’t Fund Obamacare” now, and sign the petition.]

So allow me to recap Lady M’s email blast: “I’m interrupting this non-stop campaign for a Public Service Announcement: Barack can’t do this alone; it takes a whole village full of morons.”


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