Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Mama’s, don’t let your babies grow up to be narcissists.

Well now, this is awkward:

Screenshot Studio capture #1213

If that’s not a case of the pot calling the kettle black, metaphorically speaking, I don’t know what is:

am2Amanda Bynes, mug shot 2013

Who, you might reasonably ask, is Amanda Bynes, and what right does she have to judge the Wons’ pulchritude? Well, she’s a celebrity; a former child star, 6 time Nickelodeon Kids' Choice Award winner. She “retired” from acting 3 years ago due to a lack of continuing job opportunities.

I scanned all of the Prezzy tweets over the last few days to see if there was anything that could explain Amanda’s unwarranted outburst:

Screenshot Studio capture #1215Screenshot Studio capture #1216

They were pretty much business as usual, so unless she’s anti-Muslim, anti-citizens-in-waiting® or one of those flat-earthers there must be some other explanation for her hate-tweet.

Since I don’t think Amanda has ever even met Big Guy and Lady M, it can’t be that. Although I’m reasonably certain she voted for BO, as she felt he owed her one and called in her chits when she got into a little brush up with the law last year. I guess she ran into a police cruiser, butt forgot to stop. That could happen to anyone.


Since Big Guy didn’t bother to get back to her, I’m assuming that’s what she’s still mad about. Either that, or she blames BO’s economy for her lack of Jobs! Jobs! Jobs! opportunities.

Seriously, what’s wrong with these little tweets? They have it all, butt still don’t think they’ve gotten a fair shot, and expect Big Guy to use his special powers to set things right; make sure they get a fair shake.

Just look at Bynes, she had it all - a former adorable child actress who starred in several hit TV series before moving on to do several hit movies. Her young life seemed ideal, just like her gal-pal’s, Lindsay Lohan:


1348163349_amanda-lindsayAmanda and Lindsay in 2004, age 16

And here they are today, 9 long, apparently hard, years later, age 27:


That’s just sad. How do you explain it? How do you go from this sweet young girl:

Screenshot Studio capture #1217 - Copy

to this hot mess:

Screenshot Studio capture #1222

Or from this adorable young thing:

Screenshot Studio capture #1218

to this fat-lipped nightmare who tweets obsessively about other people being ugly?

Screenshot Studio capture #1219

I did mention that Amanda and Lindsay are only 27 didn’t I?

Let me take a stab at explaining this seemingly endemic cycle of fame and breakdown among performers. It begins with an early immersion in our superficial cult of celebrity, which soon comes to dominate all aspects of the person’s life and crowds out the capacity for clear analytical thinking. Warning signs include, butt are not limited to, the following:

  • A fascination with style over substance - an obsession with the superficial which places far greater emphasis on how a thing looks rather with how it actually functions.


  • Narcissistic behavior – an unshakeable belief in your own fabulosity, all evidence to the contrary. Complete disregard for how your behavior effects others.

bo nose22

  • Over exposure – caused by the media’s fascination with celebrities of their own making.


These symptoms are usually followed by irrational behavior that includes the overuse of drugs, alcohol and cosmetic surgery.

Things may go along quite well for awhile, until – seemingly out of the blue – everything starts to fall apart.

strongly app-diss gap7/9/13 daily tracking poll: the reds and greens seem to be going in the wrong direction!

This is often followed by a series of multiple arrests, incarcerations and rehabbing. History has shown that as a rule nothing can stop the, by-now, former celebrity’s death spiral. Sad.

There are several take-a-ways from today’s object lesson: 1) lip-plumping cosmetic surgery is not your friend, 2) never, ever, toke and tweet, 3) narcissists are made, not born, 4) beware of letting narcissists into your life, as they will not make it better, and 5) beware of malignant narcissists in particular, as their affliction may prove lethal to bystanders.

 11-11-10-MB-malignant-narcissistYou’ll know it when you smell it

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