Thursday, July 11, 2013

White House Official formally requests reporters look into legality of Obamacare delay.

Have you seen this willfully snarky Weasel Zipper post?

“White House Propaganda Minister Jay Carney Calls Critics Of Obamacare’s Delays ‘Willfully Ignorant’…”

And if anyone knows what it’s like to be “willfully ignorant” it’s Jay Carney.

“People who suggest that there’s anything unusual about the delaying of a deadline in the implementation of a complex and comprehensive law are deliberately sticking their heads in the sand or are just willfully ignorant about past precedent. It’s not serious.”

Goodness, what did Jay-Jay ever do the Zip to warrant such dismissive, even derisive, ridicule? What he didn’t mention though, was that later in the briefing Jay-Jay went on to chastise a Fox Reporter for asking a question about whether Big Guy had the authority to change parts of the Obamacare law, telling him to “read the Federal Register:”

"The ability to postpone the deadline is clear," said Carney.

"I invite you to read the Federal Register," he said. "I know that'd be a lot to ask.

"You'll have to ask me?" the reporter said.

"Yes," said Carney, smirking. "Exactly."

Yes, exactly. It’s always best when Jay-Jay can answer reporters’ questions with a question of his own. Makes for a much more informative press briefing if the reporter has done his homework.

jay clownieJay-Jay, you willfully-ignorant slut. 

That would be asking a lot, given the standards previously established by Congress. After all, they were the ones who couldn’t be bothered to “read the damn bill”  before passing Obamacare, so how can anyone expect the media to read the Federal Register to see if Big Guy is upholding the Constitution?  Actually, I think the Fox reporters were among the few people who did read the Obamacare bill before Congress passed it; so maybe that’s why they were the only people who knew what was in it before it was passed.

Anyway, other big doings yesterday: the 2012 National Medal of Arts and National Humanities Medal presentations in the East Room.

173365746PM159_George Lucas, head Star Wars geek and Obama king maker waits to get his reward medal

As you see, we had to press our military aids into service again. Good thing it wasn’t raining; it would have been hard to hold both the umbrella and the medal for BO.

rainy day people bo_USA-SYRIA-TURKEY

Lady M also attended, as there were celebrities getting awards. For the occasion she wore a re-thread from the DNC:

mo jilly

It’s casual tilt to the left at the shoulders is still as stunning and surprising today as ever:


Both coming and going:


Not unlike Obamacare.

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