Sunday, August 4, 2013

A TRANsformational “Happy birthday, Mr. President. Happy birthday to you.”


Barry is 52 years young today, and to celebrate this holiest of international holy days, we closed all our embassies in islamic states, from North Africa through the Middle East, to give our State Department & CIA workers the B-Day off. Or did we close them because of that pesky al Qaeda chatter, like the stuff we ignored on 9-11-2012? I’m not sure, butt the FFOTUS (First Family Of The United States) and FOFFOTUS (Friends Of The First Family Of The United States) will par-tay at Camp David.


Keith Koffler spilled the beans on Big Guy’s Pre-B-Day duff-fest at St. Andrew’s Golf Resort and AFB yesterday:

There are three groups of four playing this morning, featuring Obama pals who have flown in from all over the country, including Hawaii: Greg Orme; Marty Nesbit; Hasan Chandoo; Bobby Titcomb; Mike Ramos; Wahid Hamid; Eric Whitaker; Reggie Love; Sam Kass; Laurent Delanney; and Marvin Nicholson.

No girls are invited – this is boys-club-only stuff.

What??? No girls??? I though the R-Words had an exclusive on the WOW!

afghanistan-war-on-women-620x354Young WOW warrior inspects his womyn

Butt the really big celebration, sponsored by Organizing for Obama America, lasts all...month...long with protests and rallies in support of Big Guy’s favorite socialist causes, beginning, naturally, with Obamacare:

The group plans an “Obamacare Day of Action” on August 4, using the president’s birthday to inspire activists for a month long protest.(snip)

For the rest of the month, the group plans days of action for immigration reform, climate change, and gun violence. No specific day of action on jobs or the economy is proposed at this time.

Now does Big Guy’s J-O-B-S strategy make sense to you doubters? If you’re out of the workforce or have only a part-time job, you’ll have a lot more time to hold signs, sing and chant with Plouffe Daddy at all OFA’s “Day of Action” events!


We’ve only had one disappointment in the par-tay planning so far. Big Guy’s new secretary, Jean Carré, couldn’t convince the religion of peace to move the last day of ramadamadingdong to coincide with Big Guy’s “holy day” for a really big celebration. I don’t know why anybody expected a better result than Jean got in his negotiations with Pootie-Poot to get Snowden back.

After all the things Big Guy has done for the Brotherhood, I don’t see why they couldn’t do this one little thing, out of respect for BO. It’s not like ramadamadingdong falls on any hard and fast date, like Christmas or Independence Day (that’s the Fourth of July for you progressives). It’s more like those floating “Monday” holidays, like George Washington and MLK’s birthdays, where there is an actual date, butt we just wave it so everybody can get a 3 day weekend.


All the Muslim holy days, and believe me they are all very, very holy, bounce around because they don’t use the solar calendar that the civilized world uses. They use a “Lunar” calendar, because...wait for it...they’re LUNATICS! Tell me you couldn’t see that one coming.


Well, I’ve got to go. Sisters have the Jeep packed and we’ve got to hit the road so I can get to Camp David in time to reflect Lady M’s party entrance in spectacular fashion. Butt I’ll leave you with a sneak peek at my birthday present to Big Guy - a video of the special performer I’ve lined up to sing “Happy Birthday”:

Isn’t He She Perfect?

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