Monday, August 5, 2013

BO’s B-Day Celebration Continues around the World All Week

“American intelligence agencies (issued) an unusual global travel alert to American citizens on Friday, warning of the potential for terrorist attacks by operatives of Al Qaeda and their associates beginning Sunday through the end of August. NYT

Wait a minute: I thought Osama was dead and GM was alive -- maybe we got that backwards?

10th%20edition%20of%20Inspire%20-%202-thumb-400x520-2172012513-global-somalia-militants-twitterAl Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula

detroit ren cenGM in Detroit: the ash heap of history

In response, Big Guy’s birthday celebration originally scheduled for August 4, his alleged day of birth, has been extended through the entire week!

23043487_BG1A global travel alert and 21 embassies and consulates across the Muslim world remain closed all week in honor of BO’s birthday!

Which means there’s still plenty of time to send BO best wishes for another good year, along with a monetary token of your sincere appreciation for everything he’s done, so far.


Or if you’re short on cash because, well, because you’re unemployed and your unemployment is finally running out and you haven’t been approved for disability yet, you can just throw an Obama house party to sell your friends and neighbors on the benefits of Obamacare:

BO housepart to sell obamacare

So we’ll keep banging that drum and hope that our citizens at home and abroad don’t get freaked over the “phony scandal” that Al Qaeda is still alive and as hate-filled as ever;


and it’s Detroit that’s dead.

packard plantAbandon all hope, ye who enter here.

What the heck, this is America; we’ve got plenty of other cities. And since Islam has been waging its Long War against infidels for nearly 1500 years, I don’t think we could really expect them to stop now just because Big Guy won a Nobel Peace Prize for ending it. Right?

And let’s face it, what difference, at this point, does it make?

bo warns about us warning themJust because you see little green men doesn’t necessarily mean you’re crazy

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