Sunday, August 18, 2013

Just Another Day in Paradise

There was a lot of smoke in Cairo as their annual “day of rage” carnival continued into the weekend.


And there was a lot of smoke in Seattle as their annual celebration of hemp got under way.

hempBongs and gas masks: leave it to Seattle to find a way to recycle cannabis smoke

ufoseattle“Sanctuary Seattle” welcomed aliens to the “hash bash” (via American Digest)

Butt here on Martha’s Vineyard, it was just another day in paradise.

”Another Day In Paradise”: Phil Collins

A little golf with enlightened Hollywood guru Larry David and 2 other white guys.

bo golf4

No wait, that’s not Larry – here he is:

bo and david

After 5 hours of golf, and a relaxing hot tub, it was time for cocktails and dinner at Val’s waterfront home in Oak Bluffs. After dinner the village held a fireworks display for Lady M, Big Guy and the Wee Wons.

f6126219a467b21b3a0f6a70670068edIlluminati Illumination Night in Oak Bluffs

There was supposed to be a photo op, butt much to the disappointment of the trailing press pool, that was cancelled for some reason. I’m sure it had nothing to do with the Stoli on the rocks before and the case of fine Bordeaux that everyone enjoyed with dinner.

So in lieu of the family shot at the fireworks, how about this vintage shot of BO on Val’s deck (before the renovations were completed to bring it up to shadow-president standards).

valjar house

Or how about this selfie of MO and LIttle Bo?


Okay, it’s not from our vacay  either, butt it’s sure better than another one of those biking photos, and it does “pose” a lot of potential for discussion and commentary.

Now I’ve got to go pack since we’re leaving today. We have to get back to Washington to make everything transparent. You know, like the Republican’s War on Obamacare.

Screenshot Studio capture #1289

Wait a minute! If health insurance is a right…don’t I have a right to choose?

To be continued later, when my head doesn’t hurt so much.

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