Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Wowie al Jezowie: Can’t find it in the heartland...Yet...

I don’t know where you slept last night, butt the quaint little heartland motel I slept in didn’t carry al Jezowie-America TV, so I missed the big launch of the only real competitor Ms.NBC has for the Muslim propaganda demographic. If you were one of the nearly 200 viewers who tuned in, you witnessed agitprop history being made.

This morning, I surfed on over to Algore’s former CurrentTV web site, to see what I missed, butt instead of CurrentTV, this is what greeted me:

Screenshot Studio capture #1293

I signed up pronto and was swiftly transported to the official al Jezowie-America website. Leading the lineup was a hard hitting report of the Egyptian military junta’s illegal detention of the most holy, spiritual leader of the Muslim Brotherhood, Mohamed (of course) Badie.


Following that report was an expose detailing, from recently declassified documents, the CIA’s evil role in the 1953 Iranian coupe which deposed the most holy, Dr. Mohammed (naturally) Mossadegh.


And let’s give credit where credit is due: al Jezowie would never have been able to file this expose - whipping jihadies into further frenzy - without big Guy’s unprecedented transparency. So let’s just drop all the griping about Team-Obama not being forthcoming. (More on that tomorrow – I arrived at my quaint little heartland motel  a little too late last night to file my complete report.)


And finally, one for the Global Warming sect of the al Jezowie congregation: “The day the bees died.” The story blames the death of all the bees in America on genetically modified crops (GMC), global warming, and pesticides. So pick your villain or villains – or add one of your own. Al Jezowie will cover it as long as it involves evil interests in America trying to destroy the world.

bee hive“Resistance is futile”

In solidarity, Lady M is launching a limited edition “Golden Bee Pin” for a mere $250,000 donation to OFA (tax deductible of course) that will be used, in part, to promote the “Pollinator-Protection Act of 2013” which will outlaw pesticides, GMC, and place fines on all human activity that Algore considers contributing to global warming. I think you’ll want one:

midnight garden gold ombre bee pin by alexis bittar

Because what’s more important than protecting Lady M’s Big White bee colony,

white house Bees

whose honey is used to make Big Guy’s favorite White House Honey Ale?


And if that’s not enough, “Golden Bee Pin” wearers get “Pollinator-Protection Act of 2013” and Obamacare waivers! Are you in?

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