Sunday, September 1, 2013

National Defense Takes a Vacation in the Age of Obama

After yesterday’s Rose Garden statement, world reaction was mixed.

Some called it weak, bungled diplomacy or an embarrassment of indecision; others just called it “a mess.” One of the kinder commentators, Charles Krauthammer, said it was like an episode straight out of Amateur Hour.


Let’s cut right to the chase: BO told the world that he feels that he has every right to frown on Syria’s use of chemical weapons on his own. Butt, having just been advised that this is a constitutional democracy, he’s going to use that loophole to seek Congress’ approval before leveling his lethal frown in Syria’s direction. Finally, a use for our do-nothing Congress: take the wrap for our failure to respond to Syria’s violation of Big Guy’s red line.

red line reached

“In a world with many dangers, this menace must be confronted,”

Butt not, apparently, until after everybody gets back from summer vacation – sometime in the next month or so. Because, as we discussed here just last week, there is nothing more important to this transparent administration than vacays: not terror threats, not chemical attacks and not even “rhetorical flourishes” threatening military action.

summer vacay

In fact a little “me-time” is considered so crucial to this gang of choom-buddies and vacay-addicts that Big Guy issued an Executive Order, adding “vacations” to the base line of Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs: along with breathing, food, water, sex, sleep, homeostasis and excretion. He also deemed it to be a human right. (o/t – the same EO  removed “homeostasis” from the lineup and replaced it with “CHANGE”)


Still, none of the above means that BO isn’t prepared at any moment to go ahead and give Syria a hard stare on his own. If Val-Jar says it’s OK. Or something. No wonder the Belgians and the Brits are laughing at us.

It seems to me that this should be a whole lot easier. Am I wrong, or is this stuff not covered in Parenting 101?


“Never, ever, threaten a punishment that you’re not prepared to follow through on,” how difficult is that? “I swear, if you pound one more nail in that wall, you’re grounded for a year!” “Drop one more chemical weapon, and you’re blown to smithereens!”  Butt now it looks like we’ve punted the punishment phase to Congress.

That’s like saying “Wait till your father gets home, young man!” Except Dad is on vacation. For a month.

calvin trick question

So while we await to hear the wishes of the people expressed via our do-nothing Congress, what do you say we all get out there and enjoy what’s left of the summer? 

I know! Let’s play a round of golf!


And don’t worry if you don’t understanding all the rules, we make them up as we go anyway; that way we always win.


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