Sunday, September 15, 2013

Putin and Obama Side by Side; I Reflect, You Decide.

Vladimir Putin (5'7", allegedly), let’s review:

His first term as President of Russia coincided with George W. Bush’s stolen American Presidency.

50944-russias-president-vladimir-putin-l-and-u-s-president-george-I hate this American President, his stick is much bigger than mine

From 2000-2008 Putin tried, more or less, to make nice with America and the West. Accordingly, he confined most of his inner-machismo to his big game hunts;


and dealing with internal enemies.

litvenkoAsk Litvinenko: Is polonium a chemical weapon?

Then, when GWB’s second term was over, he gave Dmitry Medvedev (5'4")

tumblr_mk5amrQeSi1raq4jyo1_r1_500In Russia, the difference between 5'7" and 5'4" is what they say it is.

a “short” run as president and used his self-imposed timeout to study this new American President, Barack Hussein Obama. “A very unique Amerikan president,” he said to himself.

bo flinches judo olympic demonstration white house

So he spent the next 4 years working out in the gym and taking karate lessons.

Screenshot Studio capture #1336

Having assessed this Amerikan “fundamental transformation” and this new Amerikan president, he felt the whole world was due for some of this HOPE and CHANGE. Hence, he determined the time was ripe for the reemergence of the Russian Bear.

this obama has no stickListen up world leaders; it’s no contest: as you see, this one has no stick.

So prior to his next Russian presidential “reelection” he set about having a series of promotional photos taken of himself without a shirt, doing manly things.

Screenshot Studio capture #1337

Not so much to impress his countrymen, who were predestined to vote for him anyway, butt in order to intimidate his Amerikan arch enemy. Which it did; even Big Guy was overheard commenting that Pooty had a really big stick, and that in deference to it he would be far more flexible after his own reelection.

tumblr_mk59lx82Jl1raq4jyo1_500Youzer! That’s a really big rod!!

So when Putin won the Russian presidency, unexpectedly, in 2012 Big Guy decided to play nice with him this time around, lest he be considered to be arrogant, dismissive or even derisive.

OBAMA-BOWS-TO-RUSSIA-ON-THE-MISSILE-DEFENSE1Is this enough flexibility Pooty, or do you want me to take another yoga class?

So, let’s recap: while Pooty was shooting  tigers and bears and elk, Big Guy was busy shooting, well, you know:

Missing-a-shot-on-the-first-hole golf-at-Farm-Neck-MA-550x41218 holes.

And while BO had his functionaries spying on and punishing his enemies:

irs nsa_obama_640

Putin did his own spying,

putin long knife

and just used his functionaries for the actual whack.

Screenshot Studio capture #1339Who’s killing all the Russian dissidents? Is this a trick question?

So, in conclusion, despite who you voted for in yesterday’s Preliminary 2016 Presidential Poll, here’s some helpful drinking advice from each of our leading candidates:

How to drink like Putin:


1. Mix Stolichnaya vodka (2 parts) with the tears of Georgian nationalists (1 part) and the broken dreams of Russian democracy advocates (2 parts).

2. Gently shake.

3. Pour.

5. Sip while watching your most vocal opponents dig their own graves in the Siberian wilderness

h/t putinbearsitall   

How to drink like Barry:


Just suck it up.

This message was brought to you by Lady M’s coalition to drink more healthy water.

spagetti“I said, ‘drink up’ – it wasn’t a suggestion.”

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