Saturday, September 14, 2013

This Week’s Presidential Tracking Poll

Big Guy’s Really Big Brain Posse believe they’ve (finally) found a way to nullify the 22nd Amendment, thereby enabling Low Information Voters, aka morons, to elect him to a third term as el Presidente. And as far as Team-Obama arguments go, the one they’ve made up for decertifying the 22nd Amendment is better than most. It concludes that since the 22nd Amendment was ratified BO (Before Obama), not only was it the result of a suppressed black vote, butt it also denied Big Guy himself the opportunity to vote “present” - ipso fatso, it doesn’t apply to him.

So maybe I’m jumping the gun just a wee bit with my first ever “Post-22nd Amendment Nullification Presidential Election Poll” which pits Big Guy, former “Leader of the Free World” against Vladimir Putin, the new “Leader of the Free World.” Oh, I know what you’re thinking: “MOTUS, isn’t that going to start a whole new round of birther trouble for everybody?” I don’t really think so. I think by now everybody’s either totally onboard with Obama’s eligibility, or has decided that it doesn’t really matter. Oh, you were talking about Pooty?! Well, that is a horse of another color.


Don’t worry, I think we can get around it. We’ve got friends in the Politburo of Birth Records. And like I said, most people don’t think it matters anyway.

As always, Chicago Rules are in effect: vote early, vote often. No ID required.

And now, I have to run. My niece is getting married in a few hours on a beautiful bluff overlooking Lake Michigan!

lake michigan dunes

Since the wedding is outside on a sunny day next to a huge body of reflective water, naturally I packed by my standard issue sun deflection shield to avoid blinding the bride and groom:

reflector_descpCustom made blackout sun shades; can I say that?

Butt now I see it’s going to be unseasonably cool (damn you, Al Gorical!) so I have to hustle around to find something that will protect my circuits from the strong off-shore breezes and cool temperatures. I’d like something in a thermo-wrap that won’t make my butt look big. 

I’m liking this seasonal pumpkin shade I found at the nearby Cabelas, butt I don’t think it’s going to be cold enough for either the full thermal jacket or the the full thermal body wrap so I’m debating between the thermal vest and the thermal wrap skirt. Who knew I’d have so many choices!

Screenshot Studio capture #1339

I ask you, is America a great country, or what!?

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