Thursday, November 7, 2013

“And they overcame him by the blood of the Lamb, and by the word of their testimony” Revelation 12:11

Wow!  Even our senate lapdogs are beginning to bare their teeth.

article-2488513-193BB01C00000578-31_638x472OK, who brought the props?

Kitty dropped by to chat about Obamacare and they immediately started bringing up embarrassing issues about like those “ginormous security holes

cyper hackersNavigators needed: Apply Today!

and the “mini-ormously small number of people actually enrolling in Obamacare.

mathButt we’re counting every one of them!

At least they weren’t talking about Big Guy’s “little white mis-misrememberings,” so I think we’re making progress.

And did you see how smoothly Kitty denied knowing anything about the big old security black holes in Even though we now have documented proof that we knew about them since last April. 

sebelius pin

Kitty wore her lucky eagle pin for the hearings. It didn’t help that it looked like it was laying a big old egg.

sebelius pin

It sure is a lot easier to fearlessly testify any which way you want in front of our lapdog controlled Senate. Unlike the enemy held House, the Senate didn’t put us under oath and make us swear tell the truth. That little bit of theatrics always casts a shadow over things. And if you don’t believe me, ask Martha if it’s a good idea to lie to the Feds:


So, let’s table the "alleged “security holes” for now and talk about our grand enrollment initiative. Almost no-bod-y is signing up for Obamacare, and the few who are signing up are choosing the “absolutely free!” Medicaid option. Needless to say, this isn’t putting anymore green in our big tax machine - if you know what I mean. Seriously, how were we supposed to know that all the young people that we were counting on to make this sucker system work were unemployed and eligible for subsidies and Medicaid?

Generation-Jobless-Title-copyThanks, Obamacare!

bo doing richard nixonYou’re welcome! I love you back!

So, we are launching a new initiative, the “Sign-Up Challenge” (SUC) to find those 30-40 million people we said were champing at the bit to buy Obamacare plans, and get them registered to vote as good Democrats  enrolled in a quality, affordable, Obamacare plan.

Kitty described for the Senate panel the results of our SUC effort so far:

“Chairman Baucus, Ranking RINO Hatch; we found a family of 12 in Tijuana, who will be able to get quality health care insurance, for the first time, through our Medicaid option as soon as they sneak across the border. We are finding millions more throughout Mexico, Nicaragua, Guatemala and other Latin American states who will also be eligible for these benefits. As soon as they get here.


Some have expressed concerns regarding their ability to get safely across the border, and we are working closely with Homeland Security’s Border Patrol to ensure that they arrive safely, with adequate water, and are quickly directed to the nearest Obamacare navigator to facilitate their enrollment and voter registration.”*

So that should be helpful, all around.

Meanwhile, back at the Big White House, Lady M was busy celebrating one of our quintessentially American feasts: Diwali.

Michelle Obama

The Hindu festival of lights. Don’t tell Lady M though, she thinks it’s some sort of a Native American festival.

Although the Bollywood class in the East Room should have been a clue:

mo diwali-wh1-550x418

Oh…oh…oh no! I’m having…some sort of a malfunction:



Or worse yet, flashbacks:

Screenshot Studio capture #1465



I simply must get in for my regularly scheduled upgrades and security scans.

Please! Make it stop!

mo dancer-2 copyWe’re all Injuns now!

*Legal Disclaimer: My Attorneys advise me that I must disclose that the “testimony” detailed in the preceding article is not actual testimony. I made it up.

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