Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Special Election Day Open Thread

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Due to election day responsibilities, I leave you to your own devices today. Not that you’ll have any trouble finding topics to discuss, butt I’ve assembled a few that I think are worthy of your further analysis:

1. The  developing Obamacare credibility crisis.

3.5 million people received notice they can’t keep their healthcare plan, like it or not. And a new estimate says up to 129 million people will ultimately be cancelled. 129 million!?! That’s like…a third of us! That doesn’t sound like “a very small number” of people who will be impacted. That seems to be a pretty big mis-misunderestimate.

And then there’s this mis-misremembering on Big Guy’s part regarding what he said about you being able to keep your healthcare plan, period:

“What we said was you could keep it, if it hasn’t changed since the law’s passed.”

Wait, what? Where did the “PERIOD” go? Maybe it depends on what the meaning of “period” is. 

punctuation10_122190137_stdWhat do you see – a period, or a big black hole?

And now we’re hearing about a huge doctor shortage created by Obamacare?

A doctor shortage is threatening to make the roll-out of the Affordable Care Act even more difficult — and it could create lines for care and services.

But even doctors who support Obamacare say there could be delays due to more patients and fewer doctors, CBS 2’s Dick Brennan reported Monday.

Boy, who could’ve seen that one coming?


2. The relative merits of campaigning in lieu of governing. 

With the Obamacare website system imploding, Big Guy headed out to campaign for Terry McAuliffe to get his groove back. What can I say? Some men were born to lead, others were born to campaign for the home team.

Barack Obama President Obama Joins Terry McAuliffe 7G69GZmYeVnl“I love you, man.”

And speaking of the home team, BO welcomed the Chicago Blackhawks to the White House yesterday. No word on whether he recommended they change their name to the Chicago Blue Birds.

Barack Obama Barack Obama Welcomes NHL Champions 01U3MjZIVeFl“I love you, man.”

3. The relative merits of “tight and low” vs. “roomy and comfortable” when working around the house.

michelle_obama_jumping_jacks_jpeg-0e02fSkinny and sexy


IMG_4084baggy and, uh…baggy

Hoo-wee! We could definitely use a little bit of that old black magic back around here.


I better get back to work tomorrow to see if I can find any of it in the land of Obamanomalies.

Finally, Today’s Special Assignment:

1. - If you live in Virginia:


2. – If you live in Princeton, NJ:


That is all.

NOTE: This just in from Dewey from Detroit where there is a non-partisan Mayoral election today to select a new mayor between Bennie Napoleon (D) and Mike Duggan (D).

He would like to remind you that

3. If you live in Detroit:

VOTE FOR…well, what difference, at this point, does it make?

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